How Would Like to Build my Website: Part.3


With the maximum business decision, the Budget Website Builder will play an important role in the WordPress decision making process. But the budget should not be the main factor.

WordPress downloading and running is free and standard hosting packages will usually cost for $ 3- $ 10. While building business websites (including hosting) usually starts up to about $ 12 a month. If we do not include platforms only (login / website design, domain purchase, topics and photos, which are included in the overall total cost), affordable to WordPress Get out But as long as you do not have any professional developer’s coding skills and knowledge, you will need to build or maintain a Web Developer or Web Designer either or to maintain your website. .

TIP: Thank you for free market markets such as UpWork and Fiverr, you can potentially source source developers at a lower price than the same potential time from around the world. But you should still be willing to invest at least $ 5,000 to make a complete developer, to create a fully customized WordPress website (emphasized on a good reason for – You can find the cheapest developers, but you’re sure the quality of work is often displayed in the price). The website built by developers using website builder for the development of website builder is usually lesser than those using WordPress, at $ 100 with prices.

The following table identifies potential scenario,
where a WordPress Business vs. website builder should select.

WordPress versus buildings Bottom line It is clear that alone budget can not be a decision-making factor, but if this decision is based on budget only.
Low budget = website builder
High Budget = WordPress

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