Huawei Banned Now Facebook on its Phones

The ban which has been confirmed by Facebook also reaches WhatsApp and Instagram, both countries owns the social media wall.

By consumers, this will not be a huge difference – users will still be able to install Facebook, VoiceSpy and Instagram from Play Store, and receive updates for them. But it’s a little upset that HAVI phones will usually make less attractive to consumers.

The US Department of External Affairs kept the HIV on its own list, which means that the company can not buy American parts and ingredients without the approval of US companies, thus Intel and Qualal companies have said that they do not sell in parts. Will be

But the biggest blow to the HIV was when Google rejected this Android license, which is the second biggest smartphone maker around the globe, is very difficult for Eve. Since a 90-day visit has been made from business restrictions.This timeframe is important, because it means access to Google Play Store up to every weekend phones until the 90 day day will end. But according to Reuters’s report, the ban on Facebook is instantly effective, and it applies to any mobile phone that has not left the factory yet.


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