It’s second for the cloudplay of two tablets – in which Hybrid and multi-cloud are its core, open and open but properly and secure.
The IBM Chief Executive and Chairman Janie Romney was an important message at the IBM Society Conference in San Francisco this weekend.
Rometty told the audience that “I’ve often said we’re doing the chapter two – it’s cloud and it’s hybrid.” “One in Bob, 20% of your work has gone to the cloud, and it has been attracted to most of the customers encountered apps, put in new apps or possibly some cheap writing. But the next 80%. The main part of your business is that you’ve got to upgrade the apps to go there. We are going from a distance of the app based on the app ‘Now we have the mission Make delicate. ‘
Rometty added, “It’s very clear for me that it’s hybrid,” meaning you’ll have traditional IT, private clouds, [and] public clouds. Average, [if you] traditionally, 40 per cent of the private, 60 percent will be public. If you are regulated then it will have the other way.
“The reason is that open technology has it very important that the skills are really low, but then you will have to continuously manage and manage it.”
Naturally, IBM is strengthening this strategic vision with action. Announcement of $ 34 billion Red Hat announced in October, however, can not be closed yet, it is a clear sign. As it keeps this post at this time, it plays well in containers and normally open technology. Both sides need each other; IBM’s CIO and developers provide red bits, while Red Hat can not get the same child. It is interesting to note that the Romantic said that this step has represented “the next chapter of the cloud” … to transfer business applications, extract more data and improve every part of the business from the hybrid cloud. ”
Romi assured the audience that IBM will continue investing in this future journey. “It will be a tour of co-operation.” “So we have together with the IBM garage and IBM garage procedure. [This is] thinking, angels’ behavior, prototype and dave op design … but with a switch – we They do these things in a way that can quickly go on prototype and pilot production scale.
Rometty added, “I think we all stand at the beginning of this two-day digital range.” “Let me be, in my mind, be enterprise-based.”
It is interesting to consider the Google Earth new boss Thomas Quon’s weekly weekend, and this process will already be reviewed in that process. Croatia Goldman Manes told an audience at the technology and Internet conference that Google was aggressively competing in the space of 2019 and then. It will already make the product management lead in Google Cloud, in the earliest rich Harlemen’s music, which left the company in October faced a lot of moments on its enterprise strategy.

If IBM and Google are advocating a new chapter, the opening stenzes may not be used and it is also expected. As this publication has opened quite different, since the original ‘cloud wars’ has been won for a long time. Amazon Web Services (AWS) won a great time, Microsoft is getting a remote second place with Microsoft Azure and the rest table is playing for stick. Google was part of the above enterprise issues, and IBM also lost the key CIA cloud agreement to the CSI.
Today, to become a major theme with multi-cloud, attraction turns into the next wave of technology that will run artificial intelligence (AI) on the cloud, blockchain, and quantum computing. Romei has considered some lessons about AT’s measures, arranging the correct information, whether you take ‘out inside’ or ‘out’ to measure the digital change.
Romei discussed another key area. “I think this chapter is about two digital and AI scanning now, and it embedded in your business everywhere.” Romney said, “I think this chapter is two, when it comes to the cloud.” It’s hybrid. “But for all of us, it affects that he is a chapter in confidence. And this may be about the responsibility.”
If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! At the company’s prediction event in October, prediction was that in 2019, Invent 2019 will try to seize key sectarianly among cloud service providers. Vendors “More transparency, to compile efforts and above all investments in security, to separate competitors from the competitors to recognize the importance of winning the trust,” the CCC wrote.

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