The Symfonisk light and bookshelf speakers really stable great, as well

Sonos and Ikea are commencing what has the makings of a long haul association in August. One month from now, you’ll have the option to buy the Symfonisk table light speaker ($179) or Symfonisk bookshelf speaker ($99) from your nearby Ikea or from the home outfitting store’s site; these gadgets won’t be accessible from outsider retailers like Best Buy or even legitimately from Sonos. They look Ikea outwardly, yet both are particularly Sonos speakers within and consistently coordinate with different items in the organization’s lineup like the Sonos One, Beam, Play:5, Play:1, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The objective of the Symfonisk arrangement is to placed speakers in spots, (for example, the room) where you may not usually need something that shouts device. On the off chance that you have an accomplice who wants to keep tech — even speakers — out of there, they may be increasingly amiable to the possibility of an Ikea-planned light that additionally happens to draw twofold obligation as an incredible sounding speaker.

With respect to the bookshelf speaker, well, it especially takes after a speaker. In any case, directly out of the door, it turns into the most cheap Sonos speaker you can get. That is a major ordeal in its very own right. Does the recently discovered tag-group of Ikea and Sonos meet its potential? They’re set for a decent begin, with two presentation items that are effectively worth the cash on the off chance that they request to your plan sense.

They additionally completely coordinate with Ikea’s Tradfri shrewd home stage and Home Smart application. At the point when Ikea’s brilliant blinds at last ship in October, you’ll have the option to set up mechanized scenes that incorporate the Symfonisk speakers. So toward the beginning of the day, you can have the blinds go up, lights turn on, and music begin playing consequently.


It’s a light with a Play:1 inside. That is extremely the most ideal method for condensing the Sonos/Ikea table light speaker. The inner parts aren’t an accurate counterpart for the Play:1 or Sonos One, however those are the speakers that Sonos displayed the light’s sound presentation after, and you can hear it. The Symfonisk light will be accessible in both white and dark, yet the last is deferred a bit and won’t be prepared at dispatch.


· Great sound for the size

· Mixes in with home stylistic layout

· AirPlay 2 support

Terrible STUFF

· Bulbs are just incredible enough for highlight lighting

· Configuration won’t be for everybody

· No amplifier or implicit Alexa or Google Assistant

Seeing as there’s texture around the whole thing, you may believe that the light speaker yields 360-degree sound a la Apple’s HomePod. Not really! Its drivers are front-terminating, and Ikea and Sonos have attempted to ensure you position it effectively by putting the music controls up front. Furthermore, when the power string is connected, it runs out underneath the back of the light. In the event that you place it in the off-base direction, it’ll be quite evident.

I discover the trio of physical catches to be more secure than Sonos’ level, contact touchy control regions all alone speakers. Neither of the Symfonisk items has a worked in amplifier, so you’ll require a Google Home or Amazon Echo on the off chance that you need to begin a playlist with your voice without hands. Fortunately, it’s anything but difficult to set an alert in the Sonos application on the off chance that you need the light to wake you up. The two speakers do incorporate Apple’s AirPlay 2, so on the off chance that you utilize an iPhone or iPad, you can play music utilizing Siri and have much more choices for music sources past the numerous administrations that Sonos as of now underpins. Since the light will probably discover its approach to numerous rooms, the white LED pointer light over the play catch can be handicapped in the Sonos application in the event that you discover it diverting around evening time.

On the correct side of the light’s body is an on/off handle for controlling the light. There’s no bulb in the crate — this is an Ikea item, recall — so you’ll require an E12 bulb (7W max) to sparkle a light on things. Ikea would clearly lean toward that you utilize its own savvy bulbs with the light speaker, yet Philips Hue additionally makes bulbs that fit this attachment, and moronic bulbs work impeccably fine, as well. On the off chance that you have standard family unit bulbs, you can take a stab at utilizing a connector, yet I didn’t have sufficient energy to test whether a connector and bulb would fit underneath the bulbous, obscure glass lampshade. (The shade locks into spot and never rattles or makes commotion notwithstanding when you wrench up the volume.) Regardless, don’t anticipate that the Symfonisk table light speaker should enlighten a whole room. It’s progressively designed for highlight lighting, however it additionally makes for a pleasant perusing or bedside light.

As I said before, the table light speaker sounds genuinely near a Sonos One or Play:1, however it is anything but an immediate match. For the best stable quality, you should utilize Sonos’ TruePlay include, which will tune and align the speaker for ideal execution by considering a room’s encompassing attributes. Walking about with your telephone as a speaker transmits noisy commotions still feels somewhat abnormal, yet the final product merits any cumbersomeness. The table light can fill a lounge room or room with sound, and it’s equipped for getting bounty uproarious.


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