Issues with Cloud Computing

New technologies come with threats and unknown factors. Whatever is different with cloud computing. The large organizations of IT will include their operations in Out-Out Resources. Some of them can become part of their core business. With bad security, these organizations will have to face a huge risk because their key figures can be exposed to the outside world. Other issues have to be done with legal and privacy issues (serialel and el 2010).
(Cathedral 2009) made a difference between different risks and distributed them in four types, but as you see, it is generally discussed by Somomero and L (2010). . There are categories: Legal issues (which are as security issues as well), legal issues described by Somomero and L (2010), and the promotion of policy and organizational issues are more applicable. These issues are described before the privacy issues. He has been mentioned as a common type of threat by Kuddo (2009).
Legal matters are different in every country but are usually expected that all organizations will not be allowed to enter public clouds. This means that the use of private clouds will increase (serial and al 2010). We will discuss the privacy and technical (or security) issues in the next shortcut as they apply to the cost more.

According to Broadcast (2008), cloud computing security issues can usually be divided into seven different types. These threats are from customer’s perspective. The risks for the provider are not on the basis of this research and therefore do not agree.
Data is processed out of organization. This is a logical threat, because in the sense it is a form of outsourcing. That is why the organization causes any type of security to move out to the Outside Organization (Revelation 1993). Similarly, it is important for customers to know before the risk method. Finally the customer himself is still responsible. The provider must have some standards in security, but it may be incredibly incredible for those who want to harm an organization. Therefore it is important that the information providers follow the procedure, and it is also important as the value to safeguard the communication process between the organization and the provider.
As described earlier, the physical location of the cloud may be anywhere (September 2009). As a customer you do not always know that your information is at a specific time. This means that their services can run in other countries with other legal issues. This can result in other security standards resulting in a particular country and can threaten the organization in the cloud.
There are different organizations in the cloud; they do everything in the cloud. It is not difficult to imagine that when 50 different organizations reach the cloud, it may be possible that the data may be mixed.
It brings many security issues. For example, do not know what your data is stored physically, what about the natural disaster? After such disasters, backups should be provided to the provider. This is something that needs a conversation with a provider.
What can be done with cloud computing not to see who has access to the provider. The provider determines that jobs are accessible, but they do not manage access control. With login data, anyone can access the cloud of an organization and access all their data.
Privacy issues
Some security issues contain partial privacy issues. It feels as they are related to each other. Privacy is set in some manner that is handled by security; so it is not entirely useful to dismiss these issues. There are privacy issues because (partially) transfers to infrastructure providers. Possibly significant data of personal data and organizations rotate in the cloud. Because it’s out of view of the organization because it’s dangerous because they can not see who’s using the cloud. They emphasize the provider who is accessible and guilty officials are only accessible.
Another point is how the cloud is organized, it is important that everyone has no right in the cloud and can see all the information. Above management requires different information than simple job. In addition, they need to supply other information, it will be dangerous if a employee organizations can see the important information easily and then take the world out of it easily.

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