Jaybird’s Vista Are a Sleeker Pair Of Remote Exercise Earbuds

Since we surveyed Jaybird’s Run, the organization’s first really remote earbuds, the challenge has warmed up fundamentally. To such an extent that simply making the Run completely waterproof isn’t sufficient – Jaybird needs something strong to blow some people’s minds (and ears) once more. Enter the Vista ($180): they’re lighter and sleeker than the Run buds, while likewise conveying altogether better sound quality and some helpful redesigns.

Unmistakably, Jaybird took in a great deal from the Run. While those earbuds were somewhat bulbous and huge, the Vista are minor and for all intents and purposes weightless at 6 grams (only a gram heavier than a sheet of paper). They fit serenely, because of their ever-dependable wingtips and three bud sizes, and they feel tough enough to take a couple of hard tumbles. Jaybird additionally dumped its past charging case, which was unreasonably huge for most pockets and had a propensity for popping open out of the blue, and supplanted it with something substantially more reduced. It’s somewhat bigger than a pack of gum, and it additionally holds 10 hours of charge (over the six hours in the Vista themselves).

In view of my concise testing, the Vista include a more steady remote association than the last models. You can likewise utilize each earbud autonomously, on account of a considerably more productive Bluetooth association. With both Run models, your telephone just matched with the correct unit, while the left one fundamentally piggy-upheld on that association. Ordinarily, I navigate New York while tuning in to digital broadcasts on a solitary earbud, so it’s decent to have the alternative of picking either side.

In the course of recent years, I’ve invested a lot of energy with the Run and its more up to date XT variation since they were the best sounding remote earbuds around. In any case, the Vista still figures out how to be a colossal advance forward. Jaybird built up another 6 millimeter driver that makes everything sound more extravagant. The past models were bit bass overwhelming and needed subtlety – the Vista sound increasingly like a couple of wired earbuds. I could unmistakably make out the layers of instrumentals in Thom Yorke’s Anima, just as the symphonic twists of The Dark Knight soundtrack (something that consistently sounded somewhat sloppy on the Run).

I’ll concede, the Vista still can’t contact Sony’s new commotion dropping earbuds regarding sound quality, yet they’re close. They additionally have the benefit of being waterproof, sweatproof, and “crushproof” (as per Jaybird). Subsequent to taking them out on a couple of runs, they’ve rapidly turned into my preferred exercise earbuds. Also, over and over, I’ve even overlooked that I was wearing them, just to be shocked by The Daily’s signature music springing up out of the blue. That is practically all that I’ve at any point needed from exercise earbuds.


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