Look at the $9.5 Million Lamborghini

They say you can not buy classes but you may be able to get designer clothes, bags, or shoes, have already reached your class or join someone else who is just in us You can adjust something. Preferences are different and therefore it is not surprising that when you have two jobs to fulfill the basic needs, spending millions of money on a car, most likely to sit in garage sitting in the rest of your toys. Mentioned expensive cars, can you buy a car for $ 9.5 million? Well, if you take Lamborghini Vini Road to Spin, you will have to take a large amount of participation, so the question may be what it offers to other vehicles. Let’s look close to the car, and maybe you’ll start saving for it.

The Italian manufacturer is a home of Liboragini, almost known for its classic taste in Italy. When you kill the 50th year, especially when you are killed in the 50th year, and it is not surprising that Lamborghini celebrated gold, Lemororghini celebrated this best way. By developing a new car model called Lamborghini Venino. It came back in 2013, and the rest of the world was celebrated with a $ 45 million price at Geneva Motor Show, when translating one of the world’s most expensive vehicles.

Of course, customers are not the average, and you can be sure of the fact that because they have always passed the confirmation of payment before they spread their eyes on the vehicles, before keeping their covenant in the automobile company. While a buyer was the Middle East customer, others were Lamborghini Long Island owner, Antony Dominic, and Managing Director of Florida Investment Chris Singh.

Maybe the success of the Coupe has assured the Automobile manufacturer that demanding expensive cars in 2014, because they announced the Lamborghini Venino Road in Abu Dhabi port at an Italian Navy ship carrier. Later he also introduced the public during Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2014. The difference between the coupe and this type is that 50 kilograms of Korean is due to the increase of chassis in order to reduce the road worker. In addition, when they manufactured five units of the coop, the road production was held in nine units.

Vanovor is based on the Antwerpor, but with Vinino, according to Joppin, the aim was to reduce the weight as opposed to more horses. Venusino is naturally expected 6.5 liters V12 engine which has 740 horse power output and up to 60 megabytes in 2.8 seconds. Within 5,500 ramps there is also 509 pounds of friction and the car has to get its power. All manufacturers had to do so that the air system could be adjusted. the aim.

As a racing prototype designed for the road, the car is designed with a front that enables maximum air flow and a better function. On the front and rear by arguing the air around the arc car, excessive airplanes in excess of aircraft and reducing the power below, while preventing obstacles or air flows at the bottom. In addition to this, to maintain weight, it has invested in many carbon fibers. For this reason, its monochok is made of all the external panels and carbon fibers, whereas there is a carbon fiber around the edge of the wheel that improves the break-cooling of the carbon ceramic discs to the cooled air.

The road is 1.490 kilograms weighing, and other roads that have its ceiling, which you can do above or below the weather, Venezuela does not assume that option. It comes without ceiling, so it is not the perfect ride for those wet seasons. Her paintings are limited to Rosso Veneno, but you have been given the amount of scorching money for her lord, it will not be very difficult for Lamborghini who likes to have a customer’s choice. As interior, the manufacturer of Aventador’s interior was not just left behind the carbon skin element; suspending the 7-speed semi-semi-automatic automatic transmission push stick with the new track setting to improve race track performance. The system was retained.
We must acknowledge that most of us are about 9.5 million dollars, which we can never see in our lives, so why should anyone share on a car? Vehicle construction is expensive because it has used many carbon fibers to achieve unusual adaptations, and the content is not cheap.

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