Many Forex Strategies, But Frustrated?

It is not long ago when experienced traders find trend lines using pencil and paper. Market data was sent by physical mail and there was no computer and trade desk. Were not they really successful in using highly analyzed chart platforms? Were they all lost?
I’m sure they were not just great but compared to my fellow traders (I also included) they were just the most modern traders.

I do not want to weaken anyone because we have many legend traders and hundreds of good traders who actually make money around the world on a daily basis. My argument merely indicates traders who think that broken accounts are not the best strategies for them to safely and safely trade, while at one point to reach one million dollars at the same time. Year’s approach 10000 rupee trading account.
Where trade strategy is introduced as a reliable way of making money for traders, there are some questions that will be asked, to assess the accuracy of the strategy:
Is this trend or range market based strategy?
If it works as a trend-based strategy, can a strategy predict that Range markets tolerate trade and market-based strategies?
Is it a trading strategy or a long-term trading signal plan to sign?
If this is an interactive trading strategy, how many hours do I need to sit and see the screen?
If this is a long-term strategy, can be assessed in PIPS?
Does any historical performance of the traders use the strategy in real accounts and if the answer is “YES” for a long time? (Do not agree less than one year). Is there any money and risk management laws that are especially tested on this specific strategy?
What is the average / highest / lowest risk for proportion of previous year’s trades?
Is anyone someone using a strategy on a real account? (Be aware of marketing strategies and be honest to ask someone). What is the result of trade for the trademark mentioned above? Even if positive, do not trust the right view for yourself, because each trader can not get a common strategy with the same feature. In this case, you need to try yourself. The developer says that when you use this strategy for psychological stress you can come up (when we recommend analyzing your advisory strategy). Is this the rule of exit and stopping conditions for different market conditions?
Ask the developer if you can take it back, sometimes ask questions about some points that you do not really understand (not making 100 times a week, they will not sell any of your strategies). However, I know a boy who used to experience real loss and disappointment, where he had tried to believe his strategy for the first day. So when I say that I will not try to apply a new strategy to your original account, unless you meet a specialist and it gives you a light light, or if you only have one Year continuous testing.
Final words:

How long can you ask? One year … it’s too much … i can not wait … !! Well, you can try it, but count it as a sinner … you know joe … very jacuzzi, hot shots nothing. Making step-by-step step by step to science. Never think that you are smart than any other trader because nobody knows what to happen next. That’s why it is better that after winning those businesses, because they are disciplined and have taken a long time before doing anything on their money.

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