Mesothelioma Statistics

Age standardization is a technology that is used to remove the effect of changes gradually in the Australian population’s age and sex structure, is calculated by the use of their data. Applying a specific death rate of observation in a standard population every year, the expected number of death and the number of aggregate, age-old standard rates can be calculated.
Statistics show age-standard events of new cases of mesothelioma (per 100 000 population) from 1982 to 2006. Overall events have increased: In 1983, every 100 000 population has more than 3.2 percent in the year 2000 from at least one in 2003. Since that date, the rate has dropped slightly

2.7 in 2006.
After falling into the number of new cases of mesothelioma diagnosis in men
2003 The primary reason for measuring the overall number of mesothelium in Australia is the cause of the fall: accounting for more than three in all men’s new cases. There is no evidence of the same trend in the new cases for women; however, numbers are small and are subject to different variations over the year.
Identify 6 new cases of mesothelioma: The rate of age of sexual life by sex,
From 1982 to 2006
Safe work Australia
Mesothelioma’s new cases for men’s age of standard events was much higher than women in every year. In 2003, the rate of male was less than 5.9 in 2003 in every 000 000 men in 2003. As a result, it would reduce the result of being sanctioned by 2003; there were 4.8 000 men in 2006. During this period, the rate of age-rich events for women was between 100,000 per 100% and 1.0 to 2001 in 2003 and again again in nine cases.
Due to the exposure of Associate in workplace and environment, it has been terminated or may now be minimized, there is a possibility of new cases of Mesothelioma in population. However, due to long dimensions between the exhibition of mesothelioma’s Christianity and module, between 20 to 40 years, it is expected that after the end of 2010, events of Mesothelioma will not be increased. (More details in introduction, under Mesothelioma estimates – p.6).


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