Microsoft, Amazon and Google Infrastructure with Cloud

We hear the word “cloud year”. I profess that it is ‘the decade of cloud’ – and whatever we have, we have not yet begun.

After being in the cloud industry for more than 12 years, and vertical fields had an opportunity to engage in business – from smaller local businesses to global institutions and geographical areas. – I have witnessed the evolution of evolution in accepting cloud technologies. It has come to our satisfaction that through “the cloud’s first strategy” we compete with “cloud policies”.

We now have to settle in a world where it is sure that Cloud Options should always be considered and the fear of the cloud is reduced, where questions are asked and are cautious – OK. , But instead of the necessary checkpoint a barrier to growth.

Cloud is being spread rapidly, not by name – who says ‘I want some clouds’? But because of the rapid and rapid development of emerging technology from cloud or by some means. They become fast in everyday life and are available on business agenda. We see large numbers, AIs, ITTs, VRs, and even drones in more interesting and applicable ways, even at their prices being used by at least the organizations. By 2020, we can expect to see AI and IT faster in our daily life – often we are transparent, and their awesome delivery is clouded with powerful power.

Now we use a wide range of computing and fog computing as well as ‘service’ in the cloud sector. With its durability there is a wave of basic delivery procedures and changes in platforms.

We started with hosts, data centers that host your own captured goods, or provide a rack, where you can install your applications to remove one of your applications on a rented example. Are there Pointing to the 2020, we are moving again to platforms and customers in the public cloud at the speed of our work, where early concerns have gone and now we are constantly known as race races on which continuous and See low storage costs (which will be the first to remove it?). Such performance, reliability and function has increased. We have not seen such a time at the time when prices have increased, electricity and work have increased rapidly.

It covers the promotion of technology that is offering itself platforms, its CAS offers three-AWS, Azure, or Google likes to their large host data centers. We have seen this of the largest technology Saa institutes and, in my experience, where I have worked and well know both in this sector, it is commonly common. Cloud firms are considering their core IP and expertise, traditional cloud infrastructure is not running itself. Add to that we are looking at the development of hostages, generally these public clouds are fighting against dental, not running on the board, but instead of hosting them and their cloud skill incredible. ‘Powerful power <> value’ are doing public around. Provide

By 2020, we can expect affordable prices across the cloud, new home-to-eye tax and work-and provide us with the cloud how to offer and depend on our offer.


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