Microsoft Work on ‘layers’ of Azure

Nadella focused on cybercatches and discussed the importance of the Zero Trust environment – some of which regularly know the reader’s readers. According to the terms of this quarter’s special security offer issued, the beginning of this month saw two new products for Microsoft 365, identification and risk protection and its enterprise’s centered suite starting around compliance.

An analyst responded to a question-answer question in response to the question that how significantly the major customer has harmed Azure, Nadilla said he was compared to the relationship with OEM partners in a computer visit. Understand, in which the essential mix of infrastructure for mixing is necessary,.

“We definitely look at this way … where they are being used to lay the layers of Azur.” “But it is not stopped in Azure. If you take the Volgysus boot alliance, it was Microsoft 365 and Azure. In many cases, it is the dinos 365 – any IT project on Azur in most cases, the Dynamics Field Service project Leads.

Given the data, there are many reasons why Microsoft could emphasize the same message. The company’s Q219 report last year increased by 12 percent last year to $ 32.5 billion (24.7 billion pounds) last year. Key income bucket, productivity and business – which focuses on more software- 12 percent last year broke 10% on lift, while mental cloud focused on the infrastructure, 20% increase on 9.38 bit Hit the dollar

Self-independence – for which Microsoft does not explicitly express financially – as a previous quarter figure, exactly 76 percent increased compared to previous year.

Analysts, CEO Saty Nadilla, referenced their retail-based clients’ recent killings, and said that Azure was the ‘front and center’ in the recent National Refrigeration Federation (NRF) event, where Krawar’s Partnership was announced. Regarding General Strategy, it was a continuation of the theme, in which Microsoft’s customer tech companies were instrumental in returning around their country abroad abroad.

Nadila said, “This result tells us to select the right secular trends in big and growing markets, many of whom are still in their infection, focus on geographical and honor.” “We are partnering with us to build our digital capability to compete and increase the companies in every industry. It is creating a wide range of opportunities for everyone, with our environment.”

Microsoft’s investor relationship team is clearly not afraid of repeating itself when it’s time for financial announcements. “Microsoft Cloud Drive records the fourth quarter results,” the company announced in July; “The Microsoft cloud power forces record the first quarter results,” it is quoted in October; and now, “Microsoft Cloud Strength The second-quarter results are fueled. ”
“Nidella added,” So we are looking at a deeper depth of our cloud offering, which we want to get to our customers, and in the context of what we are looking for, the real harmony Let’s really have arcade. ”

Despite all the figures in the right figure, Microsoft’s performance was less than just Wall Street’s expectations. According to CNBC, Shares immediately increased by 4%.


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