Before going to the Netflix Roulette, those interested in the device also want to know about her parents, Relag (we can just leave the next section). Reelgood launched in 2015 as a social media app focusing on a kind of movie, but finally you see the model today, which is mainly the mass storage store which users who are also streaming Allows you to find filter shows and movies by services.

For some time-consuming devices – such as stop-crossing search for cross-platforms, which are great, but take Reggae Guide at the other level, so that you can filter your filter-based style, IMDB score, rotten tomato. Rating, and even date.

You do not need to create an account to use the Netflix Roulette feature, but if you want to use it, you do not mind doing it – if you want to use the Reel Jade search tool. Contact or sign up with the oldest way, with a name, email, and password. Once you have an account, click on the little purple icon in the upper right corner to select your Streaming Platform.

By default, you access “freeware bundle”, which include services such as Fox, CBS and Crackley (be careful – it may autooplay ads, but at least these services are free. ). Click on each service you subscribe (or any platform you find in the search), then click Save. The next time you search, it will be included in the movie or show from each of your selected platforms. When you choose a movie or show, Reelgood will offer you direct links to your chosen platforms or links directly to each show platform.

So what about the network’s rollet?

The Netflix Roulette was born in 2014 when 18-year-old Andrew Simpson (You / Kodossof on Reddit) tired of searching for something new by browsing NetFox. Therefore, before they hit the “Spin” button, users have created a basic web app to choose a style and a form (or movies or TV shows), which can be found randomly. Choose to select something.

Despite its core capabilities, Netflix became a bit of roulette trend and remains a regular tool for many Netflixers for that day. In 2017, the Reelgood Roulette API hopes to work similar tools in the website about the Roulette APIs, then to get the right to complete completely when Sampson indicated that they maintain service I was inexperienced in continuing.


The acquisition of the relieved service meant that Roulette will no longer be cool, Netflixian aesthetics, which means that the Roulette became very powerful, thanks to the Reelgood search engine massively. Now you can find all your selected platforms (if you have signed and selected) using the Reelgood Roulette tool, and you can also filter through the IMDB score (1 and 10). Using cut points).

It’s not all: You can also use Roulette’s tool with individual streaming services. Just want to find Amazon Voice Video? Click “Edit,” in the upper right corner, select every platform except Amazon, and save. Once you find something that looks valuable, simply click on the watch and it will automatically send you to your Web Player for the selected platform. If you do not want to see on your computer, you will need to find a movie or program on the device you choose.

Something to keep in mind: Netflix is ​​a lot of content from India that might never appear in your recommendations (as long as you’ve already sinked in Bollywood). You might be likely to face many possibilities across the titles using Roulette, which may be just a pleasant surprise on her own.


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