Personal cloud

The same is the cloud that is about you for your use. You can already come to the form within such clouds

Apple iCloud, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. It allows
you to store files such as documents, e-books, photos, and music so that you can access these files from any device and any location. However, in the future you should have a great selection of different cases of use Generally a personal cloud, we can consider a personal cloud based on the following three usage case categories: Entertainment and well-financing, and purchases. Some examples of references may take place in the future, but they use it that can be put in a private cloud.

Due to the personal cloud comfortable, the current context
of storage clouds fall under this type of ice. In the future, storage due to the economy’s scale gets cheaper, you should watch video streaming personal clouds that maintain your movies or video clips. It will be able to keep your own personal YouTube service. Other personal clouds, such as health wallet, can store information about doctors during your visit, your health exhibit results,
and medical expenses associated with health checks. Different devices, such as your weight, pediatric or blood pressure


you can quickly hack your own cloud to instantly alert your warnings so that your readings move to an ideal level. (Although all these health devices may be hacked to face ideas about these trends, or clouds, we would classify such a cloud as a personal cloud rather than the things of the cloud. Because these devices are visible to you or you are alone. You are alone.)

And a health plan for you can be sold alternatively in the
Analysis Health Insurance Company that you will be offered the potential possibilities of health expenses associated with someone in similar situations.

For example,

Another example of the personal cloud comes from motorcycles. A car can capture your driver profile and send it to your personal cloud. Information may be, for example, your average speed-driven places, your walking places, your usual driving style (aggressive or inactive), and the number of accidents you have. Some cars already capture this type of information, but you are stored in your own cloud instead of being available for you. Apart from this, another example is a smart street light that makes you feel comfortable and gives you light on the basis of local tax or road tech; those motorists who have not paid these taxes Roads will not reach the road, they will reach them as long as they are in control, using technologies such as near field communication (NFC). Of course, it assumes that a contract implementation process and a group between non compliers does not have to make each other travel light project.


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