Problems in the Cloud Computing in North America

In the cloud
We have problems here in North America, probably globally, not only the property’s property and the right (usually the holder’s property is acknowledged) but even in Canada and America Not even clear at this time of mine or my data. To safeguard the privacy of every original owner, the data will still be able to collectively. The value of the minerals and the overall data is, the key is to know how to safeguard and maintain a license properly. If we allow the mining to be licensed, can we do a reverse license or agreement or its valid data will not be mineralized? In the energy service sector, the customer does not have enough data to be stable or potentially accurate. Ownership and value can only come when working with other customer data. Overall medical health has only a few names in oil and gas production. Cloud comput¬ing “Allows” service provider my data, but how we deal with the proposal of owner, recovery, control and price. Cloud computing only makes it more complicated than physical access to data directly. We need to think clearly about this issue and perhaps our “cloud license” includes new terms like ICANN. Maybe we should think of data as “trade secrets” or to provide property for third-party audits. This will be a good start for LL licensed professionals.
Welcome to the cloud! ■
* LESI IT was offered by the Commerce Committee.
Exhibition A (DC section 17 to 4) protection of digital records
(ii) Electronic storage media is required:
(A) Protecting records in a non-refrigeratory, irreversible form, especially in particular;
(B) Automatically confirm the quality and quality of the storage media media recording process;
(C) actually serialize and, if applicable, two different units of storage media, and the date of time for the necessary period of retention, information placed on such electronic storage media; and
(D) have the ability to easily save indexed indexes and records on electronic storage media, which should be acceptable to any source under this paragraph as required by commission or self regulatory organizations, including member, broker or Dealer is a member. .
(3) If a member uses a broker, or a dealer micromax

Graphic Media or Electronic Storage Media, will:
(i) is available at all times, for the examination by commission staff and self-organization organizations, it is a member, easy-to-read facility, microprofit media or electronic storage media images and ease of production. Generate reading images from
(ii) Be ready to be prepared and examined at all times, to increase any family, members of the commission, any independent organization in which it is a member, or member of any State Securities Regulatory, Broker or dealer can request.

(iii) Copy a duplicate copy of any medium-of-the-acceptable record recorded record under the separate store, second to the original. For this time 240.17 A4.
(iv) Organize and index all the information maintained on the original and any duplicate storage media.
(A) Every time a broker or dealer is a member, a member, broker, or dealer commission of staff staff and its autonomous organizations are available for the examination.
(B) Every index can be copied and copying separately from the original copy of each index is necessary.
(C) Original and duplicate index must be protected for the necessary time required for the indicated record.
(v) Members, broker, or dealer must be provided for accounting system in account of accountability, to maintain record records and to be protected by security. Second 240.17 A3 and 240.17 A4 electronic storage media and any type of changes kept the original and duplicate records organized and thus protected.
(A) At all times, the results of such examination system to a member, broker, or dealer must be available for the examination by the work mission staff and the self regulatory organizations, in which the broker or dealer is one. Member
(B) Audit records must be preserved for the required time for audited records.
(vi) A Member, Broker, or Dealer must provide immediate application by maintaining, presenting and commissioner staff or self regulatory organizations, including the Member, Broker…


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