Public cloud:-

Public cloud, as its name, is widely available for public licenses. In this regard, public members or organizations who want to use cloud services. The combination of public cloud services is almost always through the Internet rather than private or limited networks.

The public cloud deployment model is familiar with most people. There are different reviews of public cloud satisfaction. In this way, you will find public license clouds, which include basically basic facilities, platforms, software, information, or business process services. While other deployed models may be cloud services Local wide or globally (Internet) can be accessed by the network, the public cloud model is available only available by the Internet only available. Examples of public cloud service include Google Print, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon EC2, and Amazon Cloud Player among others. This is generally the monthly operating costs model and the cost of the least cost-to-cost costs of consumers.

Personal cloud

A private cloud organization, business unit, or even the person’s ability to do this. A company may have its own cloud cloud, which offers wide area network (WAN) services. You can think of Van that he limits external people through the Internet through security devices such as firewall. The local regional network (LAN) is like Van, in addition to its geographic location: it is usually limited to specific sites such as home or business locations. A person could get his own private cloud access to his LAN service. For example,

(1) connects a streaming server to a video set-top box so that videos can be watched, recorded, or played back from anywhere in the house; (2) provides a backup server to store files centrally; and (3) a syn-chronization service that synchronizes data across devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) using a wireless LAN So a private cloud is such that serves on LAN or WAN and restricts consumption of these services in the selected group of users. In limited circumstances, private cloud services can be delivered through the Internet, but with access restrictions so that only private companies can access these services. In practice, data integrity and security issues can deliver service to hard-to-date critics for private clouds. Generally, private clouds have an overlay component, and they also have operating costs.

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