RESOLUTION of Cloud Computing

15 Global Standards Cooperation (Beijing, August 30 – September 2, 2010)
A) The continental electric grid, the global telephone system, and the Internet facilitated economic development by increasing the access to customers and resources, in the way the new products and services were demanded.
B) Cloud computing also has the ability to fuel good practices for technical and economic development – new services provide global demand for cloud accessibility, which leads to advanced products to enhance cloud performance;
C) The global nature of the cloud promises a new entry from all parts of the world, which promotes economic opportunities globally;
A) Cloud computing will build on existing network components and functionality, for example security, privacy.

To consider
A) There are some common features in the electric grid, phone system and internet that participated in their success:
The highest increase by increasing access to markets and resources
Each set industry standards suitable for touch and use
When personalized systems are connected, the highest value is achieved
-Have provided a place that people had to trust for business convenience
There are many opportunities for the competition in the market to compete.
B) This particular feature will ensure that Cloud Computing fulfills its full potential as a efficient vehicle for global commerce.
C) To identify the communication between new and existing cloud services and infrastructure, to safeguard strong interpublicable cloud providers, well-identify identification and permission technology is needed;
A) Cloud computing must be a trustworthy basis for new development, including transparency on security, privacy, and management policies within the cloud, including how data can be saved;
E) Cloud Computing Solutions should respect the fact that cloud users own the data that create and maintain in the cloud and support the ability of users to extract such data; and
f) To solve the standard computing of standard computing that many GSC members and other organizations are still working on.

1) International standards can play an important role in simplifying cloud computing as a vehicle for global economic development by the creation of recipe quality setting agenda to satisfy the following principles: (Note that these rules are not unique to cloud computing and, many cases, at least at least partially being addressed through other quality work)
I. Global integration: Standards respect all the international and international level users of the current and future needs of many populations, which are in many technology and business sectors, so that the economy of the cloud I have long been a global scale based on participation and development.
ii.Interoperability: Standard setting activities must be provided for the continuous use of current proven quality and interstitials, where practically, building modern solutions for the challenges presented by emerging cloud computing use resources. Can be focused on.
iii.Security and privacy: The quality of cloud technologies and the recommended synchronization framework must provide the level of confidence necessary to adopt platforms and services, especially in the security and privacy areas. Pay attention to providing transparency to consumers.
iv.Data: The quality and recommended synchronization of cloud technologies should be aware of the fact that cloud users generally have the right to data that create and maintain in the cloud, and provide cloud platforms and services. It is necessary to enable users to extract this way. Data.

1) GSC members have to support the quality of cloud computing in the middle of their and other international organizations.

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