Risk Control in Forex Trading

Risk control
A.) No trade has ever been more than 3-4% of your capital on any trade
B) To give you an opportunity to get out of your way before going to a business
C) If you lose a specific forecast of your initial capital, stop trading, analyze what was wrong, and wait for a feeling before you start trading.
46. Do not trade money with fear. When he did not make any money to pay the mortgage at the end of a month. You need to make $ 12 per month or financially done in trouble, this is the best way to guide you quickly with full commercial discipline, rules, goals, and destruction. Trading is about a reasonable risk to get a good reward. Markets and how they and when they make profits are not in your control. Do not trade if you need money to pay the bill. Do not trade if your business and personal costs do not cover any other income or cash reserves. This will lead to extra incredible stress and will be very harmful for your commercial performance.

47. Know why you are in the market. To stop boring? To kill her? When you can honestly respond to this question, you can be successful in the successful trading of foreign currency
48. Do not fulfill any margin call; Do not make good money after bad.
49. Turn off the position of losing before winning people, 50. Apart from very short-term trading make decisions from the market, priorities when the market closes.
51. Working for a short period of time.
52. Use intraday charts to enter the finest entry and exit.
53. Master Inter Day Trading before trying to interact trading.

54. Do not trade time frame. Pattern trade Renewable patterns, hesitation patterns and breakout patterns are often displayed. Learn to look at patterns in any frame.
55. Try to ignore traditional wisdom; Nothing can be said seriously in the financial media.
56. Always do your homework and live on global events. You never know what to set a particular currency on any day.
57. Learn to be comfortable in the minority. If you are right on the market, most people will agree with you. (90% horse, 10% winner).
58. Technical analysis is a skill that improves experience and study. Always be a student and keep learning.
59. Be aware of all the tips and internal information. Wait for the market action to let you know if the information you have received is correct, then get a position with a trendy trend.
60. Buy rumors, sell news.

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