Risk Management in Cloud Security

In the cloud
Secondary American example of risk management for security records
There is a good look at America’s Securities and Exchange (SC) solution, and we might probably learn something for our cloud providers. In a letter from Mrs. Michael D. Udef in 1992, Secretary said that the paper was only one source, until 1970, the paper was only one source for protection of the broker and dealer (B / D), and in the 1970 commission Under the rule of allowing microphone to rule, and also allowed microphone to be allowed in 1979. In this letter, he has requested that the second committee has not taken any action if the brokers and dealers should maintain the necessary records for backup of micro-finance only on optical disk storage and meet the needs of microphone replacement.
In 1997, according to Commissioner 17 17-4, paragraph dealers have allowed electronic records to be stored. The rule, according to its terms, does not limit the use of limited type of technology to broker dealers such as optical discs. Instead, they allow any electronic storage media to be subject to certain needs, including the media “in particular, in a non-refrigeratory, non-valued format.” This requirement does not mean that the record must be unsafe. Electronic records like paper and microfile are required to maintain only the relevant interval period in the rule. See the exhibition behind this article for the main parts of this rule. Please note the bold and feature segments for requirements just outside “Backup”. These cope with duplicate, capable, non-destructive, audit, orchrod, and third-party access. Great! So when we only transfer digital data, can we learn from it?
The record and database of electronic architecture of the database has similar problems. For example, one of the primary concerns is that future-used technology can not comply with current logical records and / or physical media. How many of you have 5 ¼ inch floppy disk system? Records, indexes and computer systems are a complicated issue by a business for archives (and backup) mechanisms and access ideal content and audit software control of the same software system. So that the company’s electronic record is valuable. Can be recovered and retrieved. In some cases, as a second, arctal instructions should also be provided for the integrity or electronic operation of the operating, operational and technical system of Escrow Agent.
3. http://www.sec.gov/rules/interp/34-47806.htm#P32_4611.
Vertical structure is extremely reliable so that after retrieving a copy of the deposit (or archive), or in connection with any document, may be for validity or dimension.
Another important issue, which should also be used, record reputation and readability is maintained when these records depend on special and supplemental technology and software packages. In the absence of long-term electronic archives, maintenance procedures, for example, hardware and software storage, safe future copy etc. etc., it is important to ensure that the record is safe and readable. A certain period of future and, if necessary, uncertainly. For example, a business that uses electronic commerce will need to save different records / documents, usually falling into two types: reporting records and actions related to authenticity, such as system Security, and individual records that are engaged in future use or protection.
There are a few different reasons in which some electronic trade information will be safe. Some of these are among the main areas but dispute resolution, compatibility with legal requirements, tax audits, second compliance, banking records, historical goals, scientific research, continuing documents or legal future, desire, trust, life Identification, fraud prevention (clinical and engine neering test, invention and discovery priority). Many issues should be discussed yet, but there are some: time to time, complete use of access, access control, distributed archival, index, sync / formats, quality, arbitration authority, quality or level Ability to retrieve Of service.
A global example of risk management
For the necessary names and numbers, the Internet Corporation (ICANN) had to think about the safety of access to the Global “Cloud” database and its need to reduce its loss of records – access to all domain names around the world. Get it The ICANN Registrar candidate agrees the registry to copy a version of the registration database to the current version (“RAA”) ICR or a mutual approved third party Associate Agent.




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