Saba Qamar Gets Candid About Trolling, Bullying and Depression

Saba Qamar gets candid about trolling and depression. In her latest video she gets real about how damaging and detrimental trolling can be on mental health. Sadly, public influencers and celebrities are often subjected to trolling which includes making fun of their choices or statements. For many people, their mistakes are often ridiculed on social media and memes are nefariously shared without considering the emotional trauma celebrities go through. If not their mistakes, then their personalities are dragged through the mud and their opinions are blatantly bashed. If this doesn’t get the message across then their imperfections are mocked and derided on their profiles.

Qamar in her video discusses the ill effects of trolling and bullying that ultimately leads to depression. She further explains how our insensitive words can ruin someone’s life. The video is a much needed reality check that dwells into how oblivious we have become when we subject people to continuous trolling; be it their shortcomings, opinions or features our lack of empathy and constant need to bring others down is taking lives, period.

Our hypocrisy knows no bounds on social media and the actress blatantly calls out how toxic we have become. We all have our battles to fight, the best we can do is be there for each other and help make this world a better place.


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