Software in The Cloud

In the cloud
Above SAAS, IAAS and PAAS service providers. If they can! These new infrastructure will be cloud-based data backup data matching and multiple corporate data. If you are incomplete about your corporate data in the cloud service provider, then the same data is backed up to the other cloud electronic archives? If there’s a backup! For the ultimate user, he no longer knows where the data stays or how many electronic archives maintain data or still to restore.
On security and crptographic
Fuel has an important wave of security concerns by the global community for the use of cloud computing. In the past, computer security continued to be a constant race between the growing exposure of threats, and on the other hand to improve policies and technologies to fight them. Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed many business re-engineering efforts, in these efforts due to high interest levels in computer security and additional security functions of computer security applications. Examples include: access control, electronic banking control, security evaluation certification centers, anti-virus technology and distributed environment. These developments were mostly operated by the US Department of IT departments who were responsible for reducing the risk of data center. But, no clouds.
It is said that we are entering the information at any time, anytime. The problem is that these information will be very much involved in the field that we do not want to share with everyone. The full sense of digital agriculture can not be so painful as long as we can work on our business and personal communication issues in a safe, reliable and reliable environment.
Any party, known or unknown, figures of integrity revenue and non-responsive transactions, with the public’s capitographographic alphysphorphthalmotherapy writing. Some of these features have been built in the current Internet and cloud computing and provide a foundation for secure networks to secure electronic trade from point to point. This information is now highway safe, but there are applications and database servers that are connected to high-speed security. In order to provide basic database services to information highway and to provide security and reten¬tion of cloud computing, secure safeguarding secure digital transportation in addition to maintaining digital digital data in the cloud and solving security issues. Required.
A basic method used to solve data protection is encryption. Consumers and corporations who are afraid of access to cloud data should begin to understand what is responsible for “their” secure data in the cloud. For example, from the mid-1990s, there was a simple fact that the loss of data on the graphite key used for encryption was the loss of data. One problem in which we all are secretly used, secretly used, will endanger privacy and access the council’s keys in the cloud.
What can be learned in the 90 risk can be helpful to reduce the risk because the use of encryption increases. In the past we saw a demand for a secret arbitration party to participate in the encryption market, as a solution to accessing globalized encrypted data accessibility. See also, “An orchroid encryption system can use cryptography to be used for data purposes other than encryption, for example, user verification, data integration, digital signature, key setting, and key escrow” From “Durasi E-dinging”, from George Town University and Davis K. Branded Trusted Information System “from a Advertising System for Key Escrow Encryption”.
On electronic archives
There is a huge paper making that has been nervous to the business being replaced rapidly by computer-size messages and electronic paper. What if we do not have paper backups in the world? Where will we get the original place? Changing paper backups can make the future very different using electronic records. What will the new paper backup procedures do, how can we verify, and there will be paper tiles there? For example, the computer verification check box checks, or the electronic record verification for the patent office. How do we change the world of paper? We are working on these issues for the year and now we will complicate problems with globalization digital data and records.
The risks resulting from the current methods of using computers for security and using backup paper may happen, but what happens when we have an electronic record? For example, laws second 17a-3 and 17a-4 broker-dealers are required to easily create and secure easily accessible access, each securities transit completely and their securities business Usually the business enables us to. These requirements were mandatory for the commission’s safety work as the safe records were awards.



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