Software in The Cloud-A

In the cloud
I.e. software in cloud
Part 2: Records and Databases
* By David Whiteson *
Is located in the cloud of electronic database worldwide? Data can not be saved as IP, but it is definitely a valuable intellectual asset. In the past, the data was supposed to be owned by the license – at least it is what they will compete. Historically the most corporate data was governed by the software running in the information technology (IT) departments; Government agencies were conducted by IT personnel who were employees of the company and maintained and maintained Charged with the responsibilities to maintain it.
“What do senior software executives say about cloud computing for the next three to five years? One thing is clear: the software industry is between a large infection point that is not seen from the client’s days. 2011 has already proved to be a decisive proof for cloud software and services vendors. The whole earth affects the entire earth just like a change in the ocean power, there is indication that the world of software is moving into the cloud. The fact of the new market is that it does not matter that sellers of their size sell only customers to their products. No coins; Rather, the vendor product must have where their customers want to go to the cloud. ”
update. Amazon struggles to restore its web services business. Technical analysts said technical issues have prevented the data storage provided on Friday for the second day Friday, the manufacturers have said that many companies to troubleshoot remote computers away from their era. For many companies, they will immediately annoy … sites unable to access problems of companies have been locked up with data “2
As Mr. Loho points out in his article, this is a jackup call for cloud computing, it will start the re-examination of contracts (read the LEDs, licenses here) that cover cloud services. So as we start it again, where are we? Can we handle
1., March 9, 2011 Newsletter, “Busy strategy destination for enterprise software executives.”
2. On April 23, 2011, San Diego Union article, “Give complaints on Output Cloud Storage” by Steve Lohar.

On issues we can help our companies and customers, are they customers or sellers?
To date, most of the data was behind the company’s data center walls where security, barrier and backup was the main concern. It retrieves data transfer data beyond data, to retain data only ■ Divine Olsen, Legal reasons (or if important V3Data, principal digital records, forever), San Diego, CA , United States data chairperson, LESI IP evaluation cycle (its authentication, accuracy, committee usage and stability)
Email: Dolson
And maintain data in case of IT data center disaster. It was the dreams of IT department.
To complicate at the bottom of these four-nights, data is becoming a valuable asset and generating direct revenue through licensing (as a software service service) or non-direct company. In the cloud, we fight for the revenue of licensors, licenses and other acquisitioners, and without access to any rules of the road. Cloud transfer data is moving ahead of the corporation’s hands and cloud service providers. So as we see the cloud provider of these new information infrastructure, where the rule will be, who will be responsible, and which security valves we will find.
Some backgrounds
In the past ten years (10) we have started learning about the potential uses and risks of the Internet. We have funded the billions of dollars corporations as cementists help us fight spam, hackers and disaster for our PC users connected to the Internet. As a Global Information Highway, what will we need to finance, it connects to Cloud Infrastructure, where applications and data will be distributed. Who is in the cloud infrastructure for data protection? For example, our IT departments have to learn to safely use the Internet to back up corporate PCs and server data. Many people are concerned about the government’s on-site archives. Even data was encrypted and sent the off-site electronic backup archive safely. Our IT departments may be able to provide governance.



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