Summary level of Cloud;-

Now we look at the IT from the point of view of the accountant firm. IT department is as its customers as its customers. These accounts choose in a way that they interact with their IT termed. They can get below the waist and describe the nature and hardware of the software and can specify software usage, operating system that softens, hardware memory, storage space, and so on. . .

2. They can describe the software they want to use and the IT department tells the rest of the rest.

3. They only agree with the input data that they will create and create, and what software and hardware they want to use to use the IT department to use it. . Item 1 is a level of analysis in the structure of the layer. In cloud computing, it is known as a service (IAAS) infrastructure. The common example of IASS is that you store data, files or photos in the cloud (uses this storage infrastructure) or use cloud to transfer files. A high-level analysis is when the IT department completes complete platforms with hardware and operating systems, and explains how to use accountants software, Software (Sao) as a service. These three are the level of analysis (IaaS, PaaS, and SaAS) reference services in NIST.

What if our accountant firm decided to take the entire audit function to another firm so that he might advise you on tax matters? Our firm will agree with the cost of SLA and other firm, then check the accounts accounts. This is the process of processing outsourcing, or any other firm for the entire business function. This second firm can only replace cloud service. In such a way cloud service, when providing a business function, is providing professional racing as a service. Suppose to get the latest tax regu-lations, an accounting service can be provided to our accountant company. This will be considered as a service (INaaS) information. Since tax code and rules are constantly changing the law, it is a service that is not only dependent on data storage, which will be IaaS later, but also promotes meaningful information on the therapies of this data. To give So INaaS is different from IaaS.

Therefore the NIST model needs to be updated with the summary of these two services: INaaS and BPaaS, as described Information or data architecture, and business architecture. Technical architecture includes IT Infrastructure, Tire, and Operating System. Construction concerns of application concerns Concerns with software applications, their communications – tones and business processes; DataR – Factory data assets and their management; Business architecture is an IT strategy in which relevant There is a strategy strategy to define government framework and business processes


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