In the insurance credit rating specialist MM’s best league table, the United Health Group has positioned its status as the world’s largest insurance company, with French insurance vigilance on the other hand.

AM is ranked best ranked in India Jargon, a net premium of 2016, or NPW.

Chinese life, Aamansz of Germany and Germany in the United States completed the top five. As the best MB rating of non-banking assets, this year, the AXA fell on top of this year, lost in the sweet fuel company. It was a good exposure to China’s insurance, which achieved three top 10 slots in the latest rating, China China (23%), Ping In Insurance Group (up to 25%) and China’s People’s Insurance Company (Group) (up to 14%).

The top three profits of the UK assets (22%) and legal and group (up 18%); and India’s Life Insurance Corporation, up to 17%.

For top types, the top ten can be below the bottom.

Top 2016 global rankings are the NPWs ranked in 2016:

  1. United High Health Group, United States
  2. AXAS, France
  3. China Life Insurance (Group) Company, China
  4. Anham, Inc., USA
  5. Alan S., Germany
  6. Care Foundation Group Health Plans, United States
  7. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., Italy
  8. State Farm Group, USA
  9. China Ping Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., China
  10. China People’s Insurance Company (Group) Limited

According to MB, according to the non-banking assets in 2016, the top 10 global institutions ranked:


  1. Metal Fuel Inc., USA
  2. AXAS, France
  3. Alliance SS, Germany
  4. Revenue Financial Inc., USA
  5. Japan Post Insurance Company, Ltd., Japan
  6. Nippon Life Insurance Company, Japan
  7. Berkeley Heathrow Inc., USA
  8. PCCC, UK
  9. Legal and General Group PCC, UK
  10. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., Italy

In its latest results, M. gave a vote of confidence on the world’s largest global insurance companies, thanks to their pricing, care and flexibility in recent years.

More than half of the UAE residents do not have a life insurance coverage while one-fourth are covered against serious illness as many of them found it too expensive, reveals a new survey.

Of the 51% respondents who said that their lives were not covered, more than third (36%) was said it was very expensive while 30% of respondents were not aware of the concept of life insurance. Another 39 percent said that according to the survey of the International Friendship International (FPI) you did, he was not aware of the disease.

The survey also shows that only 24% of the total is against serious illness. According to the local media Gulf Times, 28% of the Norwegian respondents have claimed that in 2017 there would be significant illness in 2017 – and only 19 percent of women were 24%.

East Middle and Africa Administrative Director Chris Davuto told the news reporter that there is anxiety reduction of life and major illness around the insurance, and therefore people are based on such factors as insurance and brand Is based on the basis of the price. .

“Although these aspects are necessary to consider, financial advisers are best to review projects related to different types of providers, and help people choose a suitable plan for their individual situations. Will not only be based on value and brand, “said Davio.

The results of the survey show that the brand’s reputation and value are the biggest impact on the United States’s decision to buy life-life and major illness.

“General misunderstanding is that life insurance is expensive, perhaps it is why many people in the United Arab Emirates delay in removing the policy. Do people not realize that for every budget and financial situation? There are different options.

“Financial advisers can work with you to cover how much your family is able to change your lost income. For example, 34 years of age in the United Arab Emirates, non-smoking standards per month, per month on the standard terms The $ 30.53 month cover $ 250,000 life for a 20-year plan.

Payments to pensions and life policies that could affect up to 38 million policyholders across the European Union have been deemed “illegal” in a post Brexit environment under current rules.

Earlier in a speech on Parliamentary TV, “Evolution of UK on the return of the European Union”, director of the UK’s Insurance of Association, Hueven, said that policy-makers living in the European Union managed to pay Cannot be They will be considered “illegally” within the country until the laws change.

Despite moving beyond the tremendous fear of millions of displaced people, Avenue admitted that until the politicians and regulators had a contract to stop the coming conditions to reach this opportunity. Evans has confirmed that the European Commission and the European Pension Regulator have not been able to overcome EIPO matters, despite the chaos that cannot be solved.

At the meeting chaired by Labor Member Harry Ben, Catherine McGain, chairman of Policy and Resource Committee, City Lincoln Corporation, Adam Man, Executive Director, Commercial Broadcast Association, and Hue Evans, Director General of the Association of British Institutions. Also played a significant role. In the future issue of pension payments, it will also be considered illegal under current laws.

‘No legal framework’

In the left-hand picture, Evans said that under the potentially ‘no contract’, the break situation is in the industry league because EU countries will not have a legal framework for payment.

In a response, a clearly surprising discussion, the chair of the Hillary Ben, Evans indicated that the problem was not “a small issue”. “Currently compared to 38 million policyholders, according to the estimate of Bank of England and EIOPA,” Ben said, “38 million” was said, which was said I Evans confirmed again.

And, he added, this could be worse in the future, as the payment of pension will also be “unlawful” unless the governors can be changed.


“There is no agreement” in this case, the law maintains the situation in legal league. “It’s not a small problem.”

Evon indicated that after two years of the line [break] post, if the policy maker claimed, in the legal framework of any EU state, it would be ‘illegal’. In addition, any insurance-based pensions will not be able to pay the UK citizens living outside the UK.

“In the future [unless the rules are changed) if the UK citizens get retirement from the European Union and have insurance based pensions with which they are paid in the country’s international bank account. In which he lives that it can be considered ‘illegal’ there is no arrangement. There is an issue and an issue of future.

Evans added that all European travelers and, indeed, all the Ukrainians live in the European Union, will need to develop the loss of the European Health Card and the alternative alternative to health and medical insurance is a “deal” situation. Will need to be made.

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