Living in Ontario and I personally think I have the best places of work, living, (etc.). It is also the most popular province and I agree with the group that creates this list.

Ontario is very interesting with the judge! This city pin is fun with at least in cities and other areas. Great Ontario residents work. Ontario is the most popular province in Canada, and I can take overturnally to Ontario! Mountains on big cities from countries! – Ontario is a different place and people are very good there. This CNN Tower Toronto is the best place in the province!

British Columbia

When I moved from Alberta to British Colombia, I was completely scared. First of all I hate everything about this province.
But, man, now I love the province which has a passion so far. It is very beautiful, with tons of mountains, see many lakes and forests, and you can see the sea as well. Vancouver and Prince George are my two favorite cities, as well as basically enjoying places, easy shopping, and super-friendly people. If you say because bad location, I will not believe you, because one of the most wonderful experiences in my life is.
British Columbia forever!

Because the hills, fields, or orange is the center of a deep surrounded city. Beautiful unique but, if it is not enough for you, you can swim here in the ocean, meet the continent’s largest Chinownown, hang out with some hipsters, and go to the snowboarding in the same day. (Although it would be a great day)

Maybe I’m just saying because I’m British, but the landscape is different and it’s amazing. I have set one of my stories. Mek deck, from here, a talented electronic music artist, from here, makes the province with Canadian beauty, mountain snobbins, forests and lakes and natural beauty and natural beauty, I say … oral!

3. Cubic

Only one province in the United States is just a unique culture in Canada. Good Britain likes Columbia – Montreal City is beautiful They speak french

4. Alberta

Alberta is beautiful, friendly and proud. We have the highest salary in Canada and are generally very happy people. We have the lowest tax in Canada, and most toys. We are very much grateful that people give us credit. Of course oil prices increase and are themselves, but Alberta will always be the best place in Canada if you want to take money and offer the highest quality of life.

Big Ass Province is nothing more than anything else big ass boot because it’s so much. What’s wrong with Jassper when you load the head, they call you welcome to Alberta

5. Nova
I am traveling in Scotland, Novia, my entire life. Such a beautiful landscape and its cities are just amazing. It’s a great place to visit. Beautiful province, I can say the pending! Here’s some landscape that can breath you! And NS people are really good! Especially when you go to the helif (and the holidays are beautiful), I do not see anything uninterrupted, all are happy here! –
Nova Scotia is a beautiful province I remember that I stay there for 5 years! Beautiful place! You should go it Nova Scotia is very good, when I had to go there, everyone was very friendly

6. Mantuba
It looks like Saskatchewan, there is some animal and estimate here. But it’s very troubled to be honest in the summer, too much mosquito! Nothing special here, but there are some lakes and good people all over Meaning that creates where I want to say more. The snakes are very beautiful ..

7. Edward Island

It is where the NN Green Globes (and was established) lived. It looks beautiful by the vivid statement in the book. Famous for their potatoes. The beautiful cool province, it is nice to go to the summer and it is beautiful for a small island! – Best Province! One of my favorite to be honest! I live here because I was 2 and if you use it in this province you would like it.

8. Newtownland and Labrador

Beautiful! The first area of ​​stress in Kings, In addition, a sub-state can be super cold, but there are some good places to see. I think Newfieldland is an amazing place because there are many beautiful places. In St. Johns, on Signal Hill, there is a beautiful view of all the valley and all the boats and all the houses around it were. Did you know that Leadwardmore (dogs) from Leuderdor were Newfoundland and Newfoundland (dogs)? PS laboratories are the best …

9. Saskatchewan
Because it seems ridiculous, they are the only ones who talked to me when I asked them to attack them. ” Boring here boring. But everyone is polite!

Lot of flies! Not too much but you’re good people here.

10. New Brunswick
The underwater province, not the best by the distance, but you should try at least! I love this province! It looks through a drive for something, but can check the scenes and culture of unique parks. St. John also included the first city.


One of the best places in Southern NB Canada is that I’m sure or not, from the remote suburbs in Canada. Honeywell Rock is great

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