According to the Association of National Association of Association of National Association, 25 property / injured insurance insurance companies at the top of the country claimed more than two-thirds of the total market and in 2015 588 in the premiumium Increased more than billions of US dollars. Each insurance has been written in its direct premium since 2014, and has represented a large portion of the market (62.7 percent in 2015 compared to 64.4% in 2015). Usually complaints take place at the top of the list, although with some position in healing.

The State Farm Group is the largest property / trouble insurance company in the United States, which represents 10.09% of the market and writes $ 59.4 billion in premiums – its closest to Mr., Allstate ($ 30.1 billion) Almost twice In Liberty Multi 2015, the second biggest investor dropped two slots from the fourth largest in 2015, as Altest and Berkshire Haiti participated in both the markets. Progressive and farmers also picked up a slot, as AIG fell down a bit across the country.Tokyo Marine is a new entrance on the list, which has claimed the 18th slot, and Allenzie – already the 24th largest insurance company, is no longer the top 25.Directly written by premiums and market share, there are 25 largest property / injured insurance,

  1. Zurich 
    Direct Premiums Written: $11.822 billion
    Market Share:2.01%

    2. Hartford
    Direct Premiums Written: $11.135 billion
    Market Share: 1.89%

    3. Chubb Inc.
    Direct Premiums Written: $10.468 billion
    Market Share: 1.78%

    4. Chubb Ltd.
    Direct Premiums Written: $10.142 billion
    Market Share: 1.72%

    5. CNA 
    Direct Premiums Written: $9.696 billion
    Market Share: 1.65%

  2. Progressive
    Direct Premiums Written: $21.346 billion
    Market Share:3.63%

    7. Nationwide
    Direct Premiums Written: $19.577 billion
    Market Share: 3.33%

    8. Farmers
    Direct Premiums Written: $19.05 billion
    Market Share: 3.24%

    9. AIG
    Direct Premiums Written: $18.997 billion
    Market Share: 3.23%

    10. USAA
    Direct Premiums Written: $16.744 billion
    Market Share: 2.85%

  3. American Financial 
    Direct Premiums Written: $5.417 billion
    Market Share:0.92%

    12. W.R. Berkley
    Direct Premiums Written: $5.376 billion
    Market Share: 0.91%

    13. Assurant
    Direct Premiums Written: $4.974 billion
    Market Share: 0.85%

    14. QBE
    Direct Premiums Written: $4.7 billion
    Market Share: 0.8%

    15. Cincinnati Financial
    Direct Premiums Written: $4.464 billion
    Market Share: 0.76%

  4. American Family
    Direct Premiums Written: $7.242 billion
    Market Share:1.23%

    17. Amtrust
    Direct Premiums Written: $7.137 billion
    Market Share: 1.21%

    18. Tokio Marine
    Direct Premiums Written: $6.121 billion
    Market Share: 1.04%

    19. Auto Owners Group
    Direct Premiums Written: $5.981 billion
    Market Share: 1.02%

    20. Erie Insurance
    Direct Premiums Written: $5.914 billion
    Market Share: 1.01%


  1. State Farm 
    Direct Premiums Written: $59.361 billion
    Market Share:10.09%

    22. Allstate
    Direct Premiums Written: $30.18billion
    Market Share: 5.13%

    23. Berkshire Hathaway 
    Direct Premiums Written: $29.967 billion
    Market Share: 5.09%

    24. Liberty Mutual
    Direct Premiums Written: $29.848 billion
    Market Share: 5.07%

    25. Travelers 
    Direct Premiums Written: $23.2 billion
    Market Share: 3.94%

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