Top 5 Best Countries to Live In!

Top 10 Best Countries to Live In

Due to the good reason of Canada, there is no work with our economy war so that the tax can be reduced and you do not have to pay a PSP if you are in Alberta. If you want to move, the government does not have to move forward and our economy is now the most stable. If you ask me Canada is free land and we are not worried about people who are going to blow ships. Canada is not the owner of any good, so people do not think of us as a threat but we are one of the most peaceful place.
“The foolish America is free land”
Yes, America is completely free of charge. That’s why your government is spying on you, the police angered its power, like a black man who was shot by police in Missouri, and bad about your charming government. There is a need to go to prison. Yes, the full place of independence. Catch Please Stop Your Troubleshoot There are many countries like Canada, it is far more free from the United States-known police state.
It’s safe, not war, it’s beautiful and almost no criminal.
I know that ‘I live here.’
I think Canada is the best in the terms of freedom, although I have never been there … I can say these things because I am moving there to many people … and about Canada Feeds.

Australia is really a good country. Australia is a very high developed country which is a very advanced human development index. This country is also strong in financial and is really multi-cultural where you can meet people around the world. Urban friendly and you can enjoy the life of freedom. Australia is the best city in the world, Melbourne, who has ranked the world’s most alive city. Climate diversity makes Australia more unique, where you can enjoy tropical climate in the north of the country, the desert in the west and the highest climate climate in the southeast of Australia.
If I was a poor person, Australia is the best place to be poor because he has many net safe, nor has many opportunities to remove cold and canvas. If I was a rich person, Australia is a great place to survive: good security, good weather, good batch, good food and good business opportunities. Canada – The weather is incredible, America-there is no safety net, so it has less security, Europe – much more public intervention and seasons. New Zealand is like Australia, there is a lot of New Zealand in place. Thailand is there if you have a few rupees, good places to live. At the end of the day it is on what you want: For me it is: Good, good food, good water, good weather, good guess, to enjoy economic freedom and health.

Easily the best country on earth. One of the only single countries. Whenever you want, you can customize it. Unless you are caught by course!

Australia is very good

United States of America
This stereoype is not very accurate. Most people here are friendly and will help you if needed. Apart from political reforms we have been emphasized, we have the freedom to do anything unless it is illegal. Everyone in the world seems very dangerous to come here — I live right on the Mexican border and every thousand thousands of people will die every day. We need jobs and a permanent political system, nor the Republic or the Republic. We need a president who already considers the needs of American citizens before special interest groups or foreign countries. Although, I will not live anywhere else.

Well said America is the most friendly country in the world. Friendship will shock you if you leave for a while and come back. Everywhere around the world, some people are closed by the friendly nature of Americans. I think they either shock or look at it, and thus do not like it.

If you have a dream, America is the place to do this. Do not believe in the hype! America is beautiful and opportunist.

It depends on all that the world you live in, what is your skin color, how you look, what your sexuality is, your dreams, etc.
It depends on what you think positive. When we think a lot about our entertainment, we see our entertainment very seriously. We have also contributed to the lack of talent for reality of TVV battles and people’s achievement. This is the state of the stable state.
America’s very much idea is based on your life and how much you are on a visit to America. I’m in places where I felt out of the way because people just watched it but would not greet you. I am also in places where they do not care about you.
Now our biggest mistake is politics and religion. Every important group is ugly for the other, and although we talk about “fair” and “democracy” we laugh at third-party candidates and discount them before they start debating. We have people …
Exquisite architecture, superb meal, people’s care, organized government and regulations and this is an organized organization. The United States is a wonderful country that has various things around it. The only problem is that crime rates can remove people from this country. But more and more county, city and neighbor are safe, and the police number around them is 24/7. And, this is the place where the dreams are true. Although many people do not work and those who earn less money, most celebrities started their career in SA and people are really care and helpful here. If you are locked from your home, you can call 911 and you can be fortunately helpful to open it. And if you’re on the road, people respect you “hello!” Say It is true. This is where you can see different music performance, millions of sports shows and celebrities on real-life in real life. And this is the center of food, especially when it comes.

Sweden is very fortunate and very environmentally smart. The Swedish is a high equality rate and is full of culture. A sod, Alfred Nobel invented (not singing), and other types organized zip and wrench.

Beautiful country I used to live in Sweden for 6 years now and I’m not sorry. I was before Norway but this is the best place in Sweden.

Freedom and love throughout the country. This is the way of life.

Nureen in Jagu Villa league villa villa.

Amazing country, peaceful, tough people, famous food, health care …
So different scenes, there are some villages that become the village of medieval stories.
France is like a dream, we will have the opportunity to go to Tahir, Moriah, Bour – Bor and Markus Island. The fact that these places are just spectacular, spectacular, is very wonderful to know that it is part of France.
Here you are among the most beautiful coral rifles (UNESCO) and beautiful beaches around the world.
France is very different, a very rich culture and history, and to stay in such peaceful areas, it is a strange country.
And if you need a BBQ, there is no problem, here you eat everything you want because you will get food from many other countries.
After the United States there is no number 2 for McDonald’s in the world.
True French-speaking English is not the best in English, but they are not the worst comparisons around some countries.
And most people just got their own …

Love France is the top five on the world’s most visited countries, health care and it is not even struggling to love Paris there.

France is one of the most visited countries, the south of France is great!
Delicious food is also good! Exquisite and wonderful colors
Great place to live (I should know!)..

Very good place to live but England traveled for every trip / holiday forever, it was very good at the last time.

I love England. Free Healthcare Democracy (In America, they say we are “democracy”, but we do not. Education is better in the UK. Children actually know something. Housing is cheap (yes, homes small Cars are affordable and can get better MPG (again, cars are small). Shopping is cheap, people actually eat healthy food in the UK. People are friendly, and they become a community. Acceptance They also accept the difference in any way. Similar sex marriages will be legal soon, so I can marry instead of the United States, and the kingdom, the good times and the b Helps him, he is always there for us and gives us something to boast.

Everyone in England, looks out for everyone and cares for someone, who comes as an immigrant in the country.
Oh, and we have free health care (such as Canada).

We may have a robot overwhelming us running on the ground but at least we do not have a terminus.

Norway is one of the highest life-satisfaction. This means people in Norway are living in the happiest country on earth. The crime rate is minimal, the atmosphere is clean. The environment is magic and people are happy. And they have potatoes.

I’ve visited this country for a while. One of the best social security systems in the world. Disabled people need to live in a very good quality life. Clean environment with very hygiene food.

I am in Norway many times, and this is the biggest country I know! People are very good, crime rates are low, but it is extraordinary tax, and everything is very expensive. I had to spend Rs 25 on a small black coffee coffee. But this is a great country!

It’s very easy, really. More than everything. Life. Satisfaction…

The United States is the best place to live according to Iceland.

I can not believe this! Do you know that Iceland has rated # 9 on Human Development Index? Denmark made # 2, Sweden made # 5 Canada # 4, and Norway made 1 #. Please do your research before making a list. Thanks

Iceland should have number 1 Luke! Iceland is such a beautiful country, many people have not been able to get any health related to healthy health, so it is the best country to survive. I must have a list number 1.

Iceland is not the best to have any violence – no danger; no crime is not a bad thing…

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