Top 5 Best Female Singer in Asia

1. Fatin Shidqia – Indonesia

She is the best and lovely 🙂 Now the vote is fine, please take care, her voice is very good and only the last and the only one.

Fatima? She’s just 16 years old and already won XFACTOR. His voice is very unique and maybe one billion people are only one. She is very proficient and loves her fan. So we never doubt that if he is one of the best female singers in Asia. The new solos play a unique role. Keep it, Fatima! Moeslem, low profile, good..

2. Charice Pempengco – Philippines

Chars, and he already proved it!
1. Performance from non-Asian viewers, after every performance.
2. Chart albums chart (200 albums above # 8 billboards-track track sales,
# 6 On Japan Yakon Album Chart, # 3 on the Korea Gone Top Album on Canada, # 3
Album sales
3. Charter top single padded even is the most successful single, Billboards dance clubs and # 17 on 2010 dance dancing at # 17.
4. American National Dirt Singing at the former opening party of Obama
5. International news channels such as the US BCCN sound interview, and Gul, Aferra, Allen, Kelly and Reiz Show, Pal and Grid, Italian show etc., Japan show, Singapore idol etc. Appeared on etc.
6. Invited by the Cannon Convention and Madison Square Garden is a pair.
7. Andrew was invited by the Bosnian concert and was in Italy in Theaterro Sylino.
A Hollywood movie – Alon and the sticky shows and comes here …

Singing song charts is a calculation to calculate. They reach many ages from 8 to 88. They are constantly shining and legendary. Chars is not just a name but a brand in music.

She is very versatile! Amazing young lady .. she passes with punishment .. the passion is really … she is already international! I love it =)

Maging Tanga Si Chars!
1. Self
2. I will always love you
3. Remember God
4. I do not have anything
Love love
6. And I’m telling you I’m not going
Basic Long Carrie Chars or …!
Go! Go! Go! Chars.

3. Sarah Geronimo – Philippines

Sarah Asher Tewer Geronimo Aka Sara Geronimo is a global class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach / judge, commercial / product endorser and TV personality. He can also walk piano and piano. Sarah is popularly known as one and only “Popstar Princess” and “Popstar Relief” was transformed into and widely known as “Popstar of Asia.” She is the most famous and successful performer in Asia. Giroono was born on July 25, 1988 (27) and was born in Santa Cruise, Manila, Philippines.
Genres: OPM, Pop, Dance/HipHop, R&B, Mellow/Soul, Ballad, Rock, Contemporary/Alternative Rock, Rap, Opera, Christian Music

Instruments: Vocals, Piano

Life and Achievements of Sarah Geronimo in 13 years:


(2003) Popstar: A Dream Come True

(2004) Sweet Sixteen

(2006) Becoming

(2007) Taking Flight

(2008) Just Me

(2009) Music And Me

(2011) One Heart

(2012) Pure OPM Classics

(2013) Expressions

(2014) Perfectly Imperfect

(2015) The Great Unknown

Solo Major Concerts, Provinical Concert Tours and International Concert Tours:

(2003) Popstar: A Dream Come True

(2005) The Other Side

(2007) In Motion

(2008) The Next One

(2009) Record Breaker

(2012) 24/SG (2 Nights Concert)

(2013) Perfect 10 (2 Nights Concert)

(2015) From The Top (2 Nights Concert)


(1995-1996) Ang TV (Herself/Performer)

(1996-1997) NEXT (Herself)

(2002-2003) Star For A Night (Herself/Grand Winner)

(2004) Sarah: The Teen Princess (Role: Sarah Alagao)

(2004–present) ASAP (Host/Performer)

(2005) SCQ Reload: Kilig Ako (Herself)

(2005-2007) Little Big Star (Herself/Host)

(2005) Search For The Star In A Million (Host)

(2006) MMK: Kwintas Episode (Role: Rose Erea)

(2006) Bituing Walang Ningning (Role: Dorina Pineda)

(2007) Pangarap Na Bituin (Role: Emerald Gomez)

(2008) MMK: Dollhouse Episode (Role: Marie)

(2009–present) Popstar Diaries (Herself)

(2010) 1DOL (Role: Belinda “Billie/Jean” Suarez)

(2010) Hair Is Your Moment (Role: Jenny Raymundo)

(2012-2013) Sarah G. Live! (Host/Performer)

(2013-2014) The Voice of the Philippines (Season 1-2) – (Coach/Judge)

(2014-2015) The Voice Kids (Season 1-2) (Coach/Judge)


(1995) Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa (Sarah’s classmate Background Only)

(2003) Filipinas (Role: Kathleen) Introducing

(2003) Captain Barbell (Role: Mara)

(2004) Masikip Sa Dibdib (Cameo role)

(2004) Annie B. (Role: Patty)

(2004) Lastikman: Unang Banat (Role: Lara Manuel

(2008) A Very Special Love (Role: Laida Magtalas)

(2009) You Changed My Life (Role: Laida Magtalas)

(2010) Hating Kapatid (Cecilia)

(2011) Catch Me, I’m in Love (Role: Roanne Sanchez)

(2011) Won’t Last A Day Without You (Role: George Apostol/DJ Heidee)

(2013) It Takes a Man and a Woman (Role: Laida Magtalas)

(2014) Maybe This Time (Role: Stephanie Asuncion)

(2015) The Breakup Playlist (Role: Trixie David)

In this year (2012-2013) Sarah Gyromotte showed the appearance of her Sony weekly music every Sunday night as “Sarah G. Live.”

2013 The Nicoleon Children’s Choice Awards (KCA) are nominated as Sarah Gronmo. They are named as the Favorite Asian Act category.

In February 2014, she was selected as Professor of Toyota’s latest product.

(2013-2015) He was one of the voicemail of the S1-S2 and Voice Child (S1-S2).

In the 2014 report of Internal Revenue Bureau, Sarah was the most paid musician in the country when she collected the expectations of PHP 63 million. With his film and television work, his contribution to music made him a local personality in popular culture in the Philippines.

During his career, Gyronmo has won the 11 award awards, 8 Alien Awards, 23 Max Magazine Awards (the highest in the most honorable history) and the Phamas Golden Art Award.

He has also won the Best Asian Artist Award in the 2012 MTV Asian Music Awards, the Best Southeast Asia Act in 2014 at the MVTV Europe Music Awards and the best selling Filipino artist, the best female Filipino act, the best Philippines entertainment and the best Philippines Live Act in the 22th World Music Awards. He became the artist of the Philippines musician who first won the honor of the World Music Awards. In addition, Sarah Gyrorno was nominated for 3 types in 2013 World Music Awards (WMM): Best Year of the Year, Best Live Act, and Best Female Artist. They compete against nominated people including Adel, Beyonce, Cindy Davis, Christinaina Agieva, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Marie Carey, P.C., Justin Lopez, New York, Madonna, Ranana, One Direction, Nickie Mina. 3 categories And Sarah was happy as the year’s Asian artist in Hi Asia. K-Pop Award in 2015.

Sara Gernonum was selected by Disney to recreate the theme theme of her princess Franchise again. What did he do for his own version by Simon Schweeder and he premiered on Disney Channel on December 6, 2014.

(2015), Sarah Germomo represented the Philippines with its song “Kymmomero” with the 10th International Variety Contest: Host of the Global Voice Australian Jury, one of the 70 semi-finalists of various countries around the world and later that high As one of the top 25 finest levels. In the final round, Giroono was declared victorious and received the Gold Global Voice Award. ISC: Global Sound has confirmed on its Facebook page that it is the first Asian country to win the competition.

Sarah is the biggest pop star in the Philippines. Thats Why Xeleb Inc., the first celebrity mobile game company in the Philippines, tape for Sarah Germomo for Sara G. Poppers for her latest gaming app. The app officially started in 2015 and was already available for download from Google Play for free.

The Spotfate Philippines caught Sarah Germomo as one of the most underlying Philippines artists.

FAMAS nominated it as one of the six “Icon Movie Cannes of Philippines Cinema”. He is also the youngest recipient of this award.

Sarah Gerreroo recognized the 2 presidential awards, the National Commission of Culture and Arts for Music of Archives ambassador and his state-of-the-art dangling or the “harvest of honor” status for state-owned multi-disciplined art.

They are also a high indicator in more than 30 Taiwan’s Philippines.

4. Regine Velasquez – Philippines

Regarding the only one of Asia’s Asia-wide volunteers: the region is widely known for its unusual and extraordinary belts. She credits her father’s sincere training technique where she sinks in neck and deep water and she walks through her song exercises to strengthen her diet and strengthen her talk and execution. He developed a path for the belt style for female singers in the Philippines. The region has a four octo range, and although it uses less slow registry that specializes in removing many notes that use its chest’s sound. They can run through a series of more notes using chest sounds alone and can be able to hit notes in the fifth chest of around sixth octu in full chest. While hit too much of his notes, he is also known for the ability to go through his Soundtracks. He appreciates his backing and lung strength, while Lotus is sitting in position and even in Middle Air is being used. Its B5 “causes” is considered in the sound of pure chest. Philippines was not represented by the Philippines in the Asia Pacific singles competition held in Hong Kong. On December 23, 1989, he won the competition with his songs, “You will never go” and “and I’m telling you”. Exhibition from the competition rocked its music to Asian supersor in nearly nights from the Filipino celebrity, and then he was “the Sunnis of Asia.”

5. Shreya Ghoshal – India
She’s really a beautiful and beautiful voice. Her songs are worth listening. You will love the lady of this bubble sound. Really, the list should be too high

She is a wonderful versatile sound quality. The number of rewards on Facebook and Twitter and the number of national honors and many of its fans prove that it is not only the best but everything is better. She is beautiful as her voice and her voice is completely magician. He has more than 3.5 million fans in the FB that clearly shows them in those people. She really started with a young man and got a national honor for her first mute. He was also the judge of the X Factor India. They can sing in many different languages ​​that work best. Most of them, being a great celebrity, his personality is very good and on earth so that nobody can love him. That’s a great job.

Sherry’s song is very beautiful and extremely unusual
She is a very talented singer

She is the best

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