Top 5 Most Popular US States

1. California
I am a young Cali boy born in California and I love him. They will not leave for the world. I have been with lots of countries and figures and hot sunshine in cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, North and Central and South California, and other towns away from each other to hot temperatures than California There is nothing more than a state where it is happening only in a city / city, so you will have fun and nightlife wherever you are in Kali. PLUs California is not a cool place with only the best kept people. Never Found Because They Say Where They Were Where? Most of us are really big in shape, and half of the Olympics, stars, and genealogies come from here. The state is also the farm and feed feed with the states of the United States. Every other state wishes that they were like Kelly or at least moved here, I mean that in Florida they say that they are the name of the city and known as Surf Sunglasses, But there is not there and our way is better. After that season I also mentioned that you can surf the Snowboard on that day, you can name me anywhere else where you can do it. When there is no bad for the earthquake, it seems like R. I mean I love them and they enjoy it. If anything is smaller and we probably get massively over 50-100 years and no more than 6.0 max. If I think about it, I really target Big Lotto as a Kelly Dude, because I know it’s a dream to come and stay here everywhere. That is why I am very beautiful and lucky to be born in this beautiful, wonderful state and to survive with such great pride, wind, food, flag, people, state, and more Can not be placed in the world. As I want to call him the waves and babes home!

I also live on the thighs. It’s really silent! But my aunt lives in Manhattan and I see every weekend and it is very beautiful and wonderful! I like it +3 Well lemme is just to say that most of New York City is for rich people in tourists, but it’s just a glamorous part. There are people struggling everywhere. I want to say everyone New York # 1 California # 2 Florida must be #ehhh And for people who live in any state other than New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Hawaii, it can not say that because New York is useles (We will take you along) k BYE.

4. Texas
I hate this state too much. White people (perhaps perhaps Austin) are exceptionally racist or at least racist racists (they protect the confined flag, although both the Republican and Democratic politicians have flagged the flag). They see black people as criminals, illegally Spanish (they believe in eliminating all of them, but those people will be doing cheap work since they are slow), Muslims terrorists As Ahmed Ahmad is an example, he will also see recent news comments. In Houston, etc. etc. In Houston, people have the law enforcement of non-discrimination (which includes LGBT discrimination Protected) and prohibited it as “bathroom bill.” Although in many places many gay and lesbian laws have rules. Most asbestine at least 40 years). Bugtiar rules here, from casual political. I’m starting to hate more and more people in the Houston area. I do not know how to handle my blood.
Let us not mention the lack of work space and lack of pollution monitoring. In addition, the oil industry has diversified its economy here, but the oil still holds a good amount of economy and commands politics here. Public transportation is the best. People follow crazy, unreasonable ideas that are “village foolish” mentally as well as in suburbs (compared to other states called). The culture of gun is greater, on the occasion where some residents imagine shooting on people of California like other states. Miscellaneous but non-profit populations. I think John F. Kennedy was not wrong when he described Texas as “Nut Country”.

5. Alaska
There are many beautiful states in the United States of America, and although I generally do not vote for the position of my home (I currently live in California, live in the second largest state) with a spectacular scene with water, forests and mountains. Does the name feel like New Zealand or Alps or Small Alaska (why is Alaska not on this list?)? The mountains look great and there are more glaciers anywhere in 48, and it is very wonderful that the magnificent Alpine Musices are anywhere neutral that I have seen in Mainland America.
Add this wonderful seafood, local wine and a seattle and surrounding community such as Port Townsland’s art scene (not mention the magnificent backgrounds of Mint Rainier and other mountains, and all the surrounding water that the culprit scene Uses in beauty. Beauty). Vancouver bc It is famous for this world and everything but Seattle also has it.
Washington is not just a tropical climate, white sand beaches and water that can make you arrows without being cold. But where in this country and you can be skinned in the morning (or summer trip to Alpine) and then in the afternoon you can find a pilot in search of many different islands around the Poagate Sound? It is also a Kashmir paradise with places such as San Juan Islands to discover and communicate with the sea life.

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