Top 6 Best Alternatives To YouTube

Best youtube 1.

I’m anti Google who is due to their “privacy policy” and collects all of them individually by all of them that uses them. So I choose Vimeo, although they also collect “specific” information about you (as much as sites) it makes you a part of Google in which you are not a part of Tobago. The video is almost as popular as YouTube, but it is better and is very popular. They have the right to YouTube users’ money. Vimeo shows high-quality show that does not show cluttered. I had to vote on pornhub, but also will do it together.

2. DailyMotion

I show video preview for a non-malicious website and although they were censorship for being non-nurse on YouTube, I kept three complaints and were removed without any place. I’ve been with Del Melées for a while and there is no problem. My content is in competition. Site site They will never remove the video almost it’s OK but I do not have all the videos I want 2 c. This is my first choice when I could not find YouTube.

3. ZippCast

The best you tube on the internet … a friendly and helpful community … it’s still a classic layout design that you can customize … like a new iPod phone / touch app Features are developing … You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter … and the Zippcast Team listeners and listen to its users. If you are one of the YouTube vintage who want to pull the current layout and want to experience the same look, then how is he back in ’07, ZippCast is this site.

ZippCast uses almost web archives to see if YouTube looks like this, ZippCast literally uses YouTube layout since 2007. In addition to this, you can do things without registering a web archive; ZippCast can register and upload and update the old layout! If I’d like to use it as a backup for things as backup, I personally find the best YouTube alternative: fake copyright strike from YouTube, avoid potentially “negative” communities connected to your videos .

There are growing pain, but the layout is completely customizable, staff are friendly and applicable and respondent, towels are removed shortly and there is a great community and hot videos. I love the old YouTube, where there was really a form that encouraged the real discussion! Of course ZippCast will check … but it’s probably a simple name better. Jesus is coming soon.

4.Google Video

I’m not a great fan of Google Video, this is just a unique version of YouTube’s popularity. Should not be on the list. I have to see pictures of the whole moments on this tuba. This is a good site. This is basically YouTube. The same way the body is removing the video with different hands. Um you know it’s YouTube, all the videos on Google Videos only contain YouTube videos that direct you to YouTube on the Google page.

5. Vevo

I do not believe in honesty because it hates everyone. If you do not like it, do not watch video from there. Although Nikki is awesome. In my honest opinion, I love them, because I actually give me music that I expect. I could not find anything wrong but people think because they contain censorship. Sometimes, I used to hear it before buying.

Only music … this is, so I do not agree. But I like the screen for music.

I love music that neighbors of my next door have always complained that I have my music loud. As they stay for a while and let me enjoy the rest of the fun. If you want to be loud music, I’ll move to an area where you have plenty of space to consume sound to not disturb anyone before reaching your edge.

6. Metacafe

I have seen a good YouTube alternative and it’s not. When I first joined and then went back to login, I was told that the password was incorrect. I did not receive the email again, as I thought, despite repeated attempts. I finally started a new account. When I log in and tries to upload the video, I take shoes and log in again. After setting up two accounts and not posting a futile video, I apply and find a new site in most of the videos.

Unlike other sites in this list, it does a job …

This site should not be too high. Like a user said I’m out of my first account

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