Top Free Cloud Storage

Cloud is full of free storage, if you know where to look.

The dropbox from the box is free to store from Apple to Google, in the cloud. Many companies use free cloud storage, their customers’ clouds hope they pay more for additional storage.
Below, there are 18 free cloud services, in alphabetical order – a warning warning: the market for free cloud storage is limited and can often change the offer in time, including a little or no warning. Can be deleted

Amazon Cloud
Agreement: 5GB free of S3; free unlimited image storage for Amazon’s main customers.
Details: Amazon Web Service Business Cloud Storage Service is a 5GB free storage in the designated simple storage service (S3). On behalf of consumers, the Amazon Press member receives free unlimited cloud storage for their photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive, which costs $ 99 per year and includes two days’ free shipping on eligible Amazon products. Is. For important non-Amazon members, unlimited images can be stored every year for $ 11.99 after a three-month free trial. $ 59.99 per year Amazon has offered a “Unlimited Everything” plan, which allows a file or document to store.

Apple iCloud Drive
Specification: Apple iCloud Drive comes with 5GB free cloud storage. Consumers can do so for $ 50, up to $ 0.99 / month to collapse the storage; $ 2.99 / month for 200GB; $ 9.99 / month for 1 tb and $ 2.99 for 2 tb. ICloud is for Apple users, but there is an iCloud app for windows. Android devices need a third-party app to access iCloud storage.

Details: Buckles offer personalized computer backup and business cloud storage services. But there is also 10GB free cloud storage offer. Additional storage is $ 0.005 / GB / month. A free version of 1GB downloaded per day has a limit. Microsoft and PC backups are $ 5 per computer per month, or $ 50 per month. Business plans per $ $ per computer, or $ 5 per tb per month in business plans.

Specification: Over 5GB of free cloud storage, cost upto $ 100 to $ 6.00.month and $ 12.50 per month of 500GB. Hello Drive, a German technology company, hosted by Starto AG.

Agreement: 2GB Free Cloud Storage
Details: Jumpshare offers a TB storage $ 9.99 a month, or $ 99 per year. Jumpshare offers a range of advanced features, such as links to documents stored in the cloud that end up after a specific time and ‘self-destruction’ features, which will allow consumers to delete data after the default time. Gives the option. Users can also get customer URLs and branding, schedule sharing, and analysis how many people have used information that have been shared.

Microsoft OneDrive
Micro-Microsoft (former SkyDrive) comes with 5GB free cloud storage (which has changed from 15GB free storage in mid-2016). Extra storage is 50GB for $ 1.99 per month, while 1 tb cost $ 6.99 a month. Microsoft also offers other items, which includes additional 15GB storage when you can back up your camera in OneDrive, and referring to customers to friends (500mm for each friend on extra 500MB But referring to 10 friends) can get additional 5GB. Microsoft Office, which has access to Microsoft apps like Word, Excel and Outlook, costs $ 6.99 months (or $ 69.99 per year) per month and comes with 1 TB storage.
Agreement: 10 GB Free Cloud Storage
Specification: Sync provides an enterprise file compatible and service service (EFSS), intended to compete with the box. It offers a personal plan that comes free to 10 GB per month and other business based projects start up to $ 60 per month, which comes with 300GB and is 5GB for every user.

Agreement: 10GB Free Cloud Storage

Specification: 10GB free storage of flip drive comes up to 25MB file limit limit and links to 10 parts. Users are $ 25 per month for $ 5 per month. 100 GB for 250GB per month for $ 10 or $ 20. Offers online photo albums to organize flip drive photos and provides a contact management system to save contacts.

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