Top Most Dangerous States in USA

1. Michigan
Why do not people understand that as soon as the cities are bad in dotroot and chicken? Just visit the city like Troops City or Grand Rapids and you’ll change your mind! I am living in my entire life and it’s okay! I do not understand that Michigan is so dangerous. People say that Mummy is the most dangerous state, either with a dotroot or flat, stories about the dotroot or flat, or are never too late.

I live in my entire life. Never was threatened in any way. Really, only the dwarves and chickens are dangerous. Truly, I live in the Dustroot (I live in the north, which is in the suburbs of Metro Dastroot), and I have never seen a scene scene. So who voted for it … seriously ?! Disasters and greasy states do not offer (not even near). I think I know that I actually live in North Ohio instead of mudders. I’m just on the edge of the range …

I live in Michigan my entire life. These insects are from me, not only in Munich in dangerous cities. Yes, there are places to avoid dotroot and chicken but it does not mean that you are not in every state that needs to be avoided.

I live in Michigan and my neighbor has tried to break a man into his house, and a bulletin breaks out the other things and every night I have to close my windows and doors and we have chicken, dude and other This is what a group of bad things do. Understanding.

2. New Mexico
A man who was in the corner of his mother’s cellar used to escape from hatred. So he walks on the Alberke, his plane crash and he drops himself in the hotel, rentes in a hotel room, then a man in which Mike score breaks from the Mike Scores apartment. Her favorite holes have to be stolen, then she has a little song. With the operator. After that he promised to return behind his holes, then he is trying to get donuts and face the face box instead, witch it to his girl’s friend and future wifi. Take a look, which then buys a home. Children, then break with it. After that he becomes a job and puts fire on his face, every one is envy and ends with cutting his hands and legs, and finally all of them
Because he hates the serialcrete.

3. Florida
I grew up in Andorra before “Mickey Mouse”. It was a good place at that time. It has fallen on a mountainous mountain … I will never return! Of course worst, there lives there does not compare my whole life and every other place. Do you see their news?

Claims crime and you are not listening much about it because the big mouse is more hidden than that. Do not be foolish by palm trees, this state is worst

4. Lucia
Louisiana should be 2 or 1 because it is the capital of America’s assassination, No, Washington DC is a U.S. consulate, which is also the US capital. Cobalt Card

5. Nevada
Nevada is a state in West America, Mountain West, and the Southwestern regions of the United States.

6. New Jersey
New Jersey is a state in the North Eastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States. It is located on the north and east-east side of the south-east and Atlantic Ocean in the south, by western Pennsylvania, and by the Delvier on the south-west.
Peterson and the city center Newark are the most dangerous. Many crimes and drugs. They will shoot you and leave you to die in the cemetery New Jersey people often mean you New York and Cambridge ≠ nine of the whole world

7. Missouri
Missouri is situated in the Midwest Western state in the United States of America. This is the 21st largest and twenty-fifth population of fifty states.
There was too slow there …

8. Arizona
Arizona is an American state in the United States of America’s southwestern region. It is also part of Western and Mountain states.
It’s very dangerous. I live here and wild life is very dangerous. This means completely on list 1 I live this coyotes that this amazing from this state (NHL) Arizona is not dangerous! Expecialy Gilbert, Massa, Scotland, Marka and Good Year No more.

9. South Carolina
South Carolina is a state in the south-east of the United States. This state is located on the north side by the North Carolina on the south and west of Swana river, and on the border by the Middle East.
I live here and I do not think it’s very dangerous! This is Georgia who scares me …

10. California
This is where the word “gangsta” was born. Is not enough to make the list number 1? Did you forget everyone or 90, people? I feel that California is starting to launch its return how it was in the 90s. California does not deserve this place. Arkansas Jack Lailer The maximum number of groups are in California. So … no crime. new

11. Alaska
Alaska is an American state situated in the west west of the United States. Canada’s administrative division is the border with the eastern province of the British Columbia and the Yukon border; with the border with Russia to the west of the country.
No civilizations …
But where is it, rather it is a crime

Any more? –
12. Indiana
This is gary, Tennessee The Tunisian United States is a state located in the United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 17th most populous state of the United States. Really how long has been known to God has become worse for God. I agree that it is the highest crime that should be number 1.

Tensi should be at the top 10! Or top 5s ..
Arkansas is a state situated in the south-east of the United States. His name is Swan Pratakha, rejects Kopao India I am from here that is not very bad The most dangerous city of Arkansas is a little stone, it should be at the top 10. Does Michigan feel more dangerous? If you go to Arkansas and find a crime you will change your mind and opinio It should be number 3, 2 or 1.

Georgia is a state located in the United States. It was originally founded in 1732 initially early colonies.
Oklahoma you say Do not tell tales Oklahoma is not dangerous. Is Arkansas Jack Liz
Aluminum is a state in the United States of America. It is the fifth most populous state and is the 25th largest state in the field of land, and is often referred to as Microsoft across the country.
Well, Alice is not everything dangerous. People who think that the state is very dangerous is just in its dangerous parts. Why not only go to the Northwestern provinces and they will change your mind. Joe

Chicago: High crime rate
East St. Louis: The same as the chakka, the highest high season rate
Ohio is a state in the Middle East region of the United States. The 34th largest population is Ohio area, the 7th largest population, and the 10th most populated population of the United States.

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