Walgreens selects Microsoft as strategic cloud

The pharmaceutical wall is a strategic cloud provider of Volgysus Boat Alliance, which focuses on connecting artificial intelligence (AI) sprinkled volgassice stores and health information systems.

The companies have signed a seven-year agreement with different edges. In practice, the Willgasses Microsoft 365 will end up with 380,000 jobs and stores, the leading company suites, while the ‘Volgies’ infrastructure will move to ‘Azure’.

Fantastic, projects include healthcare providers and privacy and security, a multi-year research and ‘basic design principles’ development baking and provide more personal health services as well.

Apart from concrete details, more than 12 internal stores ‘digital health corners’ were started, where retailers can be targeted to healthcare related hardware and equipment.

The first representation of the agreement is likely that Microsoft has made Microsoft in 2019, and in a five-year Strategic cloud case announced in July, it can be evaluated with the wall holder’s company’s holes. However, the move came with a rear story, with reports that there was a wide introduction of Walmart and Amazon’s retail competition. Walmart had already told Wenders that if they run applications on Amazon Web Services, they would lose retail business.

Usually, retail positioners have been ranked in Amazon, which has been seen as a development area for both Microsoft and Google. Speaking at a function in October, Google Cloud CEO Den Green still left the company using its AA capability to predict the inventory appropriately. French hypermarket retailer Carfour was also seen as a Google customer, while a study in October expressed retail promotion with advertising and marketing, Hybrid Cloud was the most mature industries in adoption.

Walgasses said that the move has represented the company’s “integrated, next generation, a strong determination to generate digital-enabled health care solutions,” while Microsoft has “the people of their health and well-being” Put in “, Azure combines the clouds and the power of AI. ‘Deep skill and determination’ with the technology and Microsoft 365 Volgies.


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