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Websphere Commerce IBM Corporation (www.ibm.com). This product is based on an open Java application technology, which can be very useful for large organizations. Websphere Commerce provides a basic infrastructure for manufacturing, deployment and management of Sweet Ecommerce sites. IBM has also done a good job in creating enterprise-level properties and tools (for example auctions, business intelligence, personalities, and marketing campaigns). It’s quite good to meet the needs of a satisfied E-commerce site. If you think of making business your global business, the Commerce Suite might be a good fit. It is designed to enable e-business to develop its website so that it can be customized to meet the needs of foreign markets. It is easy to select parameters for language, currency, and tax (including additional tax tax). Other “global” features include regional shipping instructions and career selections, and currency selections. You can also present the relevant tourist rich page to the point of view of any particular shop.
Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 (www.Microsoft.com). This server is capable of a small-medium sized web site. In the true Microsoft style, its Commerce Server 2002 model is not perfectly suited by this competition. Where IBM, BAA, NetworkCop and other applications make an application, which includes eCommerce modules, Microsoft’s approach is more serious. Commerce server includes features for personal, support of business decisions, content management, order processing, and much more. The only thing not included in the package is an XML engine (which can be found in Microsoft’s BizTalk server). If you want to know more about Microsoft’s Microsoft Outlook view, visit www.microsoft.com/technet/default.asp, select “Products and Technologies” (menu-left).
See Commerce’s Dynamic Commerce Server (www.seecommerce.com). This Java based product organizes and distributes various resource-related information (organized and unorganized). Data mark, data warehouse, web servers, ipp system, operational database and corporate league system. This way, it enables eE businesses to quickly and safely communicate, distribute, publish, and distribute their customers.
SecureMerchant eCommerce Server of Simple Logic (www.simplelogic.com). This dynamic application is ideal for online retail catalog online. The Secure Merchant eCommerce server combines advanced technology, features, and security for today’s e-business environment. Features this web-based merchant management feature store management from anywhere and the vendor’s online help services can reduce the time of ramp. Most importantly, businesses have increased because they can easily find the customers who want it easily.
Looking for business server software, look for products:
• A modular system (capable of selecting the best fitting elements for your enterprise).
• Fluid automation of work-based work, especially content management.
Support for refund of monthly supply or backup order.
• Support EJB / XML.
• Scalableable when backup system gets the quality of change in multiple company work flow integration (i.e. product details that will be provided directly to the supplier).
There, every possible, a business server platform is suitable for a particular web based business model. However, if you are considering building your site on a business server, choose carefully. Then make sure your final selection can be smoothly integrated into your legacy system. In addition, consider deciding your budget, current architecture, and the development of software while deciding to buy your business server platform.


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