What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that uses Internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo Email or Gmail etc.

One of the computing methods where the ability to scale (and flexible) IT-related capabilities is provided as “service” to external users using Internet technologies.

Prejudice is, ‘Would you buy a cow if you only need milk?’ All users or users need to send email using computer software or hardware such as etc. Why (milk) users should buy one (cow) software / hardware only to achieve this benefit?

There are six key features of cloud computing (from Google’s perspective).

Cloud Computing User Center

When you connect to the cloud as a user, everything that exists there is documents, messages, photos, applications, whatever you become. In addition, not only is your data but you can also share with others. In effect, any device that accesses your data in the cloud also becomes yours.

Cloud computing is at work center.

Instead of focusing on the application and what it can do, focus on what you need and how it can apply for you. Traditional applications – literally processing, spreadsheets, emails, and even more. Documents that create

Cloud computing is powerful

With a desktop in one cloud hundreds of computers or hundreds of thousands of computers connect with a desktop PC, the power of impossible computing is generated.

Cloud computing is accessible.

Since data is stored in the cloud, users can quickly retrieve more information than multiple stores. You are not limited to data source only, because you are with a desktop PC.

Cloud computing is intelligent.

With all the data stored on the cloud in the cloud, data mining and analysis of data is necessary to access information intelligently.

Cloud computing programming is worth.

Works with cloud computing should be done automatically. For example, in order to protect data integrity, information stored on a computer in the cloud should be connected to other computers in the cloud. If it goes to a computer offline, rejects cloud programming automatically in such a way that computer data in the cloud is on a new computer.

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